RWBY Volume 3 Finale Released

Episode 12 of RWBY: Volume 3, titled “End of The Beginning”, is now released for Rooster Teeth sponsors. It was released on the 13Th of February.

For those not familiar with the show, RWBY, is an American anime web series, created by Monty Oum, with Rooster Teeth Productions. The series follows the story of Team RWBY, consisting of Ruby Rose (played by Lindsay Jones), Weiss Schnee (played by Kara Eberle), Blake Belladonna (played by Arryn Zech) and Yang Xiao Long (played by Barbara Dunkleman). The 4 girls are training to be huntresses that would eventually defend the world from Grimm. The show also features other teams who all attend the same school and ultimately work together. RWBY has been running since 2013 and has just wrapped up its 3rd volume.

RWBY Volume 3 Finale Released 1

Over the years, RWBY has become one of the most loved web anime out there. That is because of its consistency and well developed story, characters, and back story. Along with the shows talented Volume 3 Director (Kerry Shawcross) and Writers (Miles Luna, Monty Oum, Kerry Shawcross), the cast and crew have moulded this show into something everyone can enjoy. RWBY has incredible back story, which leaves you with more and more questions every episode. It leaves you on the edge of your seat. Volume 3 is incredibly directed, all the shots are beautifully executed, all the minor details come together to genuinely create a masterpiece. The beauty of RWBY’s fight scenes will make your jaw drop. The music, by Jeff Williams, completes it all, adding to the atmosphere and immersing the audience. RWBY Volume 3 Finale Released 1

Its clear that all the crew work extremely hard to make this show and its truly appreciated within the shows fandom. The finale to the incredible Volume 3 as finally been released over on RoosterTeeth.com and will soon be available on youtube. RWBY Volume 3 Finale Released 2

Thanks to all the animators, producers, cast, directors and co-directors and all the rest of the crew over at Rooster Teeth who have helped make this show what it is. We look forward to what you do next.

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Written by CelebMix