Ryan Montbleau Digs Deep In Folk/Pop EP “Wood”

Folk / Americana singer-songwriter Ryan Montbleau delivers a powerful message of self- discovery and healing in his latest EP Wood

The EP is his first release as part of a four-part EP series Wood, Fire, Water and Air. After spending most of his life traveling around the globe, Ryan is sharing his newfound sense of peace, stillness, and stability with his audience.

“I’ve been through a lot over these past few years,” says Montbleau, “and I’ve experienced some monumental shifts in my perspective. The only way for me to write about it was to just get as honest and vulnerable as I could.”

“Wood” is exactly that, as it delivers soothing and grounding messages of self-acceptance, deeply touching his listener’s emotions and inspiring hope in chaotic times. Ryan Montbleau’s soulful vocals accompanied with stripped down acoustic guitar and mellow instrumentals allows him to express his message in a very intimate way, without all the extra noise. The songs invite the listener to explore their own inner journey, ultimately setting a scene for beauty, grace, and gratitude in one’s life. 

“Perfect,” the first song on the EP, is about self-acceptance by loving yourself and your flaws. “Ankles” discusses gratitude and knowing that everything in life is truly a blessing. The last song, “Outside Looking In” details letting go of expectations and looking inside yourself for the truth. The entire EP strings together to tell a vivid and beautiful story, rich with imagery and teaches important life lessons from this humble truth seeker.

As vulnerable as it is warming, Wood delivers an impactful message during these troubled times. Listen to Ryan Montbleau’s new EP Wood below and catch him on tour where he is playing a slew of safe and socially distant shows. 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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