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Sabrina Carpenter releases new track ‘Bad Time’

Sabrina Carpenter is delivering all the goods at the moment, from Almost Love to Paris to newly released Bad Time. Taken from her upcoming mini-album Singular: Act 1 set for release this Friday (9th November) it’s making us even more excited to hear the full tracklisting.

Bad Time really doesn’t provide us with a bad time when listening with an electropop influence, a funky chorus and lyrics which get stuck right in your head. Lyrically it tells the story when someone is ‘calling me and hoping for a good time‘ but you know that you’ve been messed around before so it’s a ‘bad time for a good time‘. It’s empowering hearing Sabrina taking back control of the situation and not allowing herself to be messed around anymore. She’s leading the pack and showing us what we all need to do when faced with a situation we no longer want to be a part of!

Previously Sabrina released Paris which sings of knowing that the city has something for her which her love back in LA lacks and she craves the parisian love. It’s sultry, sassy and sincere. Sabrina knows what she wants and how to get it. Whilst the first track to be taken from the release was Almost Love and honestly? The chorus alone is a masterpiece.

Singular: Act 1 looks set to be Sabrina’s most mature release yet and we can’t wait to hear it in all its glory on Friday. With Act 2 set to come soon, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a Sabrina Carpenter fan. Pre-order Singular Act 1 from here ahead of its release on 9th November.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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