Sam Callahan Releases New Single “Say Something” And Drops The Music Video

We have a brand new single from Sam Callahan, that he dropped this week, titled “Say Something”; but that wasn’t the only surprise this British male artist had in store for us. Just yesterday he revealed the music video that accompanies the song, and we are loving it. Not only that, but before the release of the song, Sam Callahan released an acoustic version of this track on his YouTube Channel.

The song officially follows up the previous single “Burns Like Fire“. He has previously released songs “I Love It When You” and “Bigger things”, both of which were released after he made it to the live shows, and came seventh, on the tenth series of The X Factor. Prior to the show, he released the songs “Runaway Train” and “Crazy”.

The brand new song, “Say Something”, is beyond catchy and is certainly one that will get stuck in your head because we can’t stop singing it right now. It was written by Sam Callahan and Jamie Sellers. As for the music video – which was filmed in Toronto, Canada – it has been directed by Jessamine Fok, whilst Daniel Shpuntov acted as director of photography, and Cowin Poon was the assistant director.

Listen To Sam Callahan’s New Single “Say Something” Here:

The song has an air of Shawn Mendes to it and the opening sure sounds similar to popular tracks around that brings intrigue into Sam Callahan’s music. “Say Something” really kicks in after the opening and you realise you fully love the track by the end of the song.

Lyrically, the song is about asking a girl to say something whilst her silence tells him everything he needs to know. It’s a lust-filled passion song that has a hint of love throughout as they balance on the line of both. It’s another great song from Sam Callahan and his vocals really bring out the rich emotion of the track – as always. We just can’t stop singing along to this track.

Watch The Music Video For Sam Callahan’s “Say Something” Here:

As for the music video, it really manages to interpret the song into a visual concept. It was filmed in Toronto, Canada. Sam Callahan stars as our main character alongside his on-screen friend played by actor Patrick Speagle. His love interest is played by actress Chloe Coyle, while her friends are played by Reha Sandhill and Zola Magwood. There’s also a DJ who appears in the scenes, played by Nigel Edwards; and, the driver in the video is played by Michel Crawford.

There are also a bunch of dancers included in the “Say Something” music video. It’s a jam-packed visual, one that isn’t easy to pull off, concept-wise; yet, it is nailed in every way and really showcases what the song is all about. We were a little disappointed that Sam Callahan isn’t singing the actual song during his karaoke session, but the way they’ve made this music video work just makes us forgive them for that.

We were also treated to a live acoustic version of the track on Sam Callahan’s YouTube Channel. You can listen to the track below. We can’t help but hope that this version of the song gets an official release later on.

Listen To Sam Callahan’s Acoustic Version Of “Say Something” Here:

“Say Something” was released on Friday and is available to download and stream right now.

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