Samantha Harvey Releases Music Video For ‘Forgive Forget’

Samantha Harvey has released the music video for her phenomenal debut single titled ‘Forgive Forget.’ The single was released independently by the talented singer-songwriter, and her hard work has certainly paid off as the single has maintained an excellent chart position since its release.

The video is divided into various segments, with each individual segment fitting well into the video. A story is told through the video, which has powerful lyrics and overall makes for a great debut single. The story portrayed through the lyrics highlights the importance of not holding a grudge against someone, letting go of all the wrong they did and simply moving on as best as you can – ultimately, forgiving a person but not forgetting about what they did.

When speaking about the single, Samantha describes it as being the breakthrough she has dreamed of for such a long time:

‘This single could be what takes me from a cover artist to something that I’ve always wished of.’ 

Prior to the single’s release, Samantha released an acoustic version of ‘Forgive Forget,’ which you can check out below:

You can check out the official music video for ‘Forgive Forget’ below:

If you haven’t already, you can buy ‘Forgive Forget’ from iTunes by clicking here.

Written by Rachel Dempster