Samantha Marie

Samantha Marie Drops Mesmerizing Debut EP ‘Running in Place’

Los Angeles-based indie-pop/dream-pop singer-songwriter Samantha Marie releases her debut EP, Running in Place.

Talking about the EP, Samantha shares, “Sometimes it feels as if I have incredible ideas and no power. The music industry has felt extremely daunting since this is my first entrance into managing my own music, lyrics, and melodies. Sticking to one genre wasn’t an option, since each song had its own emotions come out when writing them. Since writing these songs, I’ve been ignoring many ‘stick to one genre’ comments, and ‘find your niche’ comments. I’m really passionate about expressing yourself through music and I don’t believe that has a genre label. This EP is my first showcase of only a few songs out of hundreds in my vault. I also included a rendition of INXS’s ‘Mystify.’ I can’t wait to share more with everyone.”

Originally from a small town in south Florida, while growing up Samantha wrestled with mental health issues – eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. She found a respite in music, performing in musical theatre prior to high school. High school proved to be a swirl of intense emotions, including a sense of separation.

While in college, she took a trip to Los Angeles, where friends encouraged her to make the move to the West Coast. In the summer of 2021, Samantha left Florida, driving across the country to SoCal, opening the door to a new life.

Encompassing five tracks, Running in Place begins with “When You’re Not There,” riding a delicious indie-pop rhythm topped by Samantha’s alluring voice, at once soft and irresistibly evocative.

Highlights include “Never Did Get It Right,” opening on gentle, gleaming tones flowing into a luscious, low-slung melody tinted with dream-pop aromas. Oozing melancholic timbres, Samantha’s vocals imbue the lyrics with indulgent textures and remorse.

A personal favorite because of its low, throbbing surfaces, “Through the Night” permits Samantha to parade her velvety, nuanced voice, infusing the lyrics with smoldering, sighing flavors.

Samantha Marie has it going on! Running in Place offers plush harmonics, captivating rhythms, and the sumptuous voice of Samantha Marie.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.