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Sammi Rae & Los Vegas Team Up on Sultry “Closer”

Pop artists Sammi Rae and Los Vegas recently hooked up to release the single/music video “Closer,” a smoldering song about physical proximity.

Certain songs and artists discharge indisputable sensual chemistry, carnal energy that can’t be faked or artificially infuses. The attraction is simply there. “Closer” is one of those visceral, seductive songs chock-full of erotic magnetism

Sammi Rae and Los Vegas have collaborated on a series of releases, including “City Lights,” “Escapate,” “Baby Baila,” and “Ella Se Atreve.” Earlier this year, Sammi Rae lit it up with the release of “Nunca,” a voluptuously Latin-pop banger.

“Closer” opens on emerging velvety pop coloration flowing into a deliciously, low-slung dance-lite melody. Sammi’s lushly sumptuous voice infuses the lyrics with rippling filaments of sexy timbres, while Los Vegas’ cashmere rapping-lite, melodic flow gives the tune cool savors of emotional honesty and teasing textures.

The two voices complement each other, responding antiphonally to each other, imbuing the song with its electrifying tangible sensory aspect.

The video blends suffuse neon colors with the fashionable appeal of both Sammi Rae, dressed in a curve-revealing yellow bodystocking, and Los Vegas, wearing the latest stylish threads. As the lights tremble and flicker, providing a kaleidoscopic effect, the couple narrates their emotional state to one another.

“It’s the way you look at me / The way you make me feel / Baby we can stop the time / Nothing else is on my mind / I just wanna feel your body closer, closer / I don’t want it ever to be over.”

A troupe of impeccable dancers injects the visuals with provocative movements, suffusing the video with enticing fluid erogenous exchanges.

As the couple’s repartee seethes with brilliant allusions and turns of phrase, in English and Spanish, the music glides, undulates, and pulsates with the alpha-theta syncopation of sexual excitation, mysterious yet palpable.

With “Closer,” Sammi Rae and Los Vegas deliver simmering sonic desire on indulgent, viscous streams of deluxe pop relishes.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.