Samuel Jack on How Traveling Influences His Songwriting

Born in London, Samuel Jack’s childhood was spent following his father around the world in pursuit of his career. Settling in Johannesburg aged 12, he soon returned to the United Kingdom with frequent visits to the Netherlands to see his mother. Samuel‘s music, therefore, reflects a constant desire to find a sense of home.
Currently living in Dorset, Samuel gave up the creature comforts of his studio apartment to live, write and record in a caravan. Of all places. Something seems to be working, as Samuel has now written and recorded debut EP & full-length album to follow this year.
Samuel principally saw himself as a songwriter until he performed his first show, which injected some original songs into a selection of covers, at a local restaurant and got invited to perform at Glastonbury 2015 just two weeks later. Since gracing the Avalon stage, Samuel Jack has had his music travel across the pond, with track placements on a number of US hit TV shows including Nashville, Satisfaction, About A Boy and Grimm.
With his ambitions heightened by the recent success of his Sofar Sounds shows, Samuel Jack is excited about the release of his debut EP ‘Let It All Out’ which is a four-track collection of some of the most soulful, emotionally charged pieces of songwriting you’re likely to hear at the moment. The release has shades of Hozier-esque alt-rock ballads, combined with some straight-up feel-good anthems. Sonically, the release touches on Gospel, Electronica, Folk & Pop. 
We asked Samuel how traveling has influenced his music. 
“The further you travel the more people you meet, different people , different places  – they have their own identity, their own vibe, feel – I drew massive influence from South Africa where I heard the native songs of Zulu and Choza for the first time – I fell in love with the community ‘sing-songs’ I’d hear, and that gospel-esq sound coupled with my love for blues and roots has made a massive impression on some of my songs “

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