Say goodbye to the bad boys this year, with a little help from Hilary Roberts!

It’s 2020, which means it’s time to take a good, hard look at the way we think about our relationships. Hilary Roberts’ is here to help us do just that, with her latest track and music video, ‘Good Man’!

Urging us to settle for nothing less than the best, Roberts’ message is empowerment served with a side helping of unabashed fun. The video is an absolute riot which really shows off Roberts’ sense of humour – she organises a competition to find the Best Man, through tasks such as tying kids’ shoelaces, dance solos, a talent round and more, only to award all of them the prize. You are defied not to crack a smile whilst watching Roberts and all her friends dance and make fools of themselves and each other while the infectious beats of this song play on. Towards the end of the video, Roberts celebrates love in every capacity, with couples of all shapes, sizes, colours and sexualities paid tribute to this Valentine’s Day.

Hilary Roberts’ approach to music is often characterised by her philanthropic efforts, and she was recognised along with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith at the Musicare Awards and Janie’s Fund. One of her previous tracks, ‘Fight to the Other Side’ emphasised the value she places on others’ wellbeing. Its lyrics were meant to encourage her friend out of taking her own life in the wake of a terminal diagnosis. 

Whilst ‘Good Man’ is significantly more light-hearted, the core message remains the same – we all deserve the best, your wellbeing is important, and get rid of anyone who tells you otherwise. 

Watch the video for ‘Good Man’ below and join in the conversation about Hilary Roberts on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Emma

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