Scott Disick

Scott Disick: “Come party with me”

If you’re a celebrity and you need to make money what better way than a cheeky club appearance. You get to party, be drooled over by adoring fans, and to top it all off you get paid a tasty fee. It seems like a pretty win win situation. So what could be so wrong about promoting your club appearance on instagram?

Well when you’ve apparently just been dumped for your partying ways, publicising your plans to hit the club seems like a pretty bad idea. Scott Disick doesn’t seem to think so though, posting the image above with the caption “come party with me this Friday in Vegas @1oaklv”.

Ohh Scott.

Just a few days ago we reported on the sad separation between him and Kourtney Kardashian. The split was attributed to Scott’s partying ways and the fact he was caught getting a little too friendly with his ex Chloe Bartoli. Regardless of this though, Scott doesn’t seem to be planning on giving up his partying ways any time soon . I wonder what Kourtney thinks of all of this?

Written by CelebMix