SDCC 2018: SYFY comes prepared with Deadly Class, Wynonna Earp, Krypton, and The Magicians

SYFY came to play this San Diego Comic-Con. Not only did it surrounded the entire Gaslamp district with great marketing but inside the convention center, their shows were ready to deliver happy fans some good news.


For the first time ever (only at Comic-Con!), SYFY, Sony Pictures and Universal Cable Productions premiered an all-new trailer for the networks latest drama Deadly Class, based off the best-selling 2014 Image Comics graphic novel. The panel featured co-creator, writer, executive producer co-showrunner Rick Remender, executive producers and co-showrunners Miles Orion Feldsott and Mick Betancourt, artist and comic co-creator Wes Craig, and, of course, the entire cast. Audience members were shown a 13-minute sneak peek of the show but for those who missed it, at least we have a trailer to hold us over until 2019!


Although there’s no trailer to accompany this one, SYFY and IDW Entertainment announced that Season 4 will be happening for the cult hit, Wynonna Earp. During their panel, however, the cast and crew were able to chat about behind-the-scene shenanigans, their favorite upcoming episodes from season 3 and their upcoming Purgatory Christmas episode. Now in its third season, expect the fourth season to premiere in 2019 on SYFY.


Fan favorite breakout series Krypton got fans hopeful for season 2. Throughout the panel, those on stage discussed the surprises and easter eggs from season 1 and were teased that in season 2, viewers will see planets beyond Krypton inhabitants, Doomsday unleashed and Brainian’s origin story. Also – a beloved DC character will be joining the story! Krypton season 2 will premiere in 2019.


Last but not least The Magicians put a spell on Con attendees after discussing the season 3 finale that had everyone talking. After a quick discussion on how season 4 will be ecen better, attendees got a sneak peek at the “new” mystery characters and chatted how this group dynamic will shake things up.

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

I reference anything and everything to Lizzie McGuire. Follow me on Twitter + Instagram: @ashleeeybash. I respond 99.9% of the time.