Sean Smith Releases His Brand New Single “Fire”

We have a brand new track from Sean Smith, titled “Fire”. It’s his third solo single and has been released as an EP, containing the song plus four additional remixes. This track follows his previous addicting singles “Magic” and debut “Turn Me On“.

Now, before we get into the track itself, which certainly is fire. We thought we’ll let you know where you’ve seen him before because we’re pretty sure you recognise him from somewhere. Sean Smith made a name for himself when he auditioned alongside his sister on UK reality TV show, The X Factor. They were called Same Difference, mentored by Simon Cowell, and came third on the fourth series; they lost out to Leon Jackson and Rhydian Roberts.

Coming third in The X Factor is certainly something great, and many have gone on to have successful careers, and that’s what Same Difference did. The duo, which included his sister Sarah Smith, went on to sell over 300,000 records; they released two albums and two singles, as well as a shelved album titled “Superheroes”. Sarah is currently teaching at the SD Studios in Portsmouth, whilst Sean is heading down a solo career.

As we mentioned, “Fire” is his third single overall. He’s had moderate success with his past two singles, which we totally adore. “Turn Me On” managed to reach number 15 on the UK iTunes dance album chart, and has received thousands of views. His follow-up “Magic” has had similar success, managing to hit number 29 on the UK iTunes dance singles chart and the music video also has plenty of YouTube views.

Now, we have “Fire” which has also been released on Energise Records. This EP sees remixes from Ricardo Autobahn and FNK’D UP. It was written by Charlie Mason and Daniel Volpe; the former is known for writing “Rise Like A Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Listen To Sean Smith’s New Single “Fire” Here:

The song is more of an emotional ballad – a side we haven’t heard from Sean Smith just yet. “Fire” really exposes his vocals and his ability to flood the lyrics with emotions; and, that is exactly what he does. This song clearly means a lot to this male artist, and he has truly connected with the lyrics.

The backing track is full of hypnotic beats that definitely give a club vibe. We’re not surprised remixes came with this single release. It sure is a sexy single, with “Fire” alluding to wanting sex. Considering his previous songs, it’s not a surprise that the content of these lyrics are raunchy and hot. We expect a sexy music video too, one that relates to the song and is similar to his previous two.

This is all leading up to an album, which has been confirmed for release in 2018; yes, that’s right, Sean Smith will be releasing a solo album next year. Of this announcement, Sean said: “I’m so excited for everyone to hear the new album, it’s been so much fun to record, and it’s something I’m extremely proud of. I’m looking forward to performing the new tracks live on stage next year”.

“Fire” is out now, with four awesome remixes. Our favourite is certainly FNK’D UP DJ Extended Remix. We also adore the flame-inspired artwork for the EP.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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