Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song’ Begins Its U.S. Radio Journey & Receives New Support

Technically speaking, Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song’ was never originally released outside of the U.K. and Ireland. Despite that, the single has been doing amazingly well going Gold in the U.K. and Australia. Now it seems that Columbia Records is starting an early-bait promotional trail for the glorious duet.

This past week, four American radio stations have begun playing ‘Secret Love Song’ including KDIS-AM (Los Angeles), WQEN-FM (Birmingham), WWMX-FM (Baltimore), and KLCA-FM (Reno, Nevada).

Disney radio has also been a huge early supporter.

The overall format of the radio stations are Top 40 so if the right measures are done, this song could POTENTIALLY become Little Mix’s third entry onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart following ‘Wings’ and ‘Black Magic’.

American mixers have been really excited to hear the song on U.S. radio and we agree that it does deserve some U.S. shine. As do other Get Weird album songs such as ‘OMG’ that have a perfect urban influence and would fit in just right with mainstream radio.

Little Mix fans have made sure to request the song locally to their nearby radio stations and it’s an important first step. Why? Because radios will play the song (even eventually) if enough request build up is made!

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Written by Dannii C.

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