Selena Gomez Takes On Many Characters In Official “Bad Liar” Music Video

The day has finally come. Selena Gomez has dropped the official video for her new song “Bad Liar”, the first single off of her upcoming album.

In the video, Gomez is a shy high school student, biking to class and being stared at or shoved in the halls. However, after watching a little over a minute of the video, you come to realize Gomez is not just a teenager. She is also the teen’s stay-at-home mother, the teen’s father, and even the gym teacher that is flirting with the teen’s father, who is also a teacher. Are you following us?

If you caught on, Selena Gomez is taking on four different roles throughout the video that have to do with “unspoken desires” and secret relationships, according to Billboard. The video was directed by Jesse Peretz, who has been brought to fame by his work on Girls and Orange Is The New Black.

Just when you think the video is ending, the words “Coming Soon” flash upon your screen. At the end of the video is a teaser for a new project entitled “Fetish”. Following the reveal of the project’s title is footage of Selena Gomez staring into the camera and mouthing “Fetish” just before the screen blacks out.

According to Billboard, “Fetish” is most likely the second video tied to the groovy single, considering “Bad Liar” is named a “film” on its poster, not just a single music video. “Fetish” will also hopefully relieve some unanswered questions brought about due to the video released today.

Not only are we excited for a second video, but we are hoping a new single is associated with the new part of the film series.

Still a bit confused? Watch the official video below!

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Written by CelebMix