Selena Gomez teases fans with snippets of unheard songs

Selena Gomez released her second studio album titled ‘Revival’ on 9th October 2015, which was a smash hit after debuting at number one on the U.S Billboard Top 200 and shifting 117,000 copies in it’s first week. However, despite Selena’s latest record not being released all that long ago, she is already teasing her fans with new material and, we don’t know about you, but we cannot take it much longer!

When Selena began her ‘Revival’ Tour earlier this year, she performed a song titled ‘Feel Me’ at the first show, which fans had not heard before and so could not belt the lyrics out to it like they could to hits such as ‘Hands To Myself’ or ‘Same Old Love.’ This track has remained part of the set-list, yet Selly G has not yet released the studio version of it, apart from playing it in the background of Snapchat videos. She has said she may just throw it out on Soundcloud “or something” as she hasn’t confirmed it to be a single, but we’re all still dying to here the full thing!

And, if Selena hadn’t already teased us enough, she is continuing to post snippets of her new songs on Snapchat, leaving Selenators to tear their hair out in frustration at not being able to blast out the full version of these songs which all sound so amazing, even if we have only heard ten seconds of them.

Today, she posted a nine second video of an unnamed song, yet we managed to deduce the lyrics “Now I’m stained by you, like a coffee ring upon this table, I’m unstable I am stained,” which is lyrical perfection in itself, surely?

So, what are all of these songs? Has Selena finished a third album already? Are they tracks which didn’t make it onto ‘Revival?’ Are they just tracks which she recorded for fun? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! Don’t worry Selenators, we feel your pain. We cannot wait for Miss Gomez to release the full versions of these mysterious tracks, although she’ll probably leave us hanging for a little longer, no doubt.

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Written by CelebMix