SHADOWHUNTERS - Comic-Con - Cast and executive producers from Freeform's hit original series "Shadowhunters" and "Stitchers" were featured at this year's San Diego Comic Con with panels, autograph signings and press rooms. (Freeform/Matt Petit) DARREN SWIMMER, TODD SLAVKIN, MATT HASTINGS, ALBERTO ROSENDE, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD, EMERAUDE TOUBIA, MATTHEW DADDARIO, HARRY SHUM JR., ISAIAH MUSTAFA

What We Learnt About Shadowhunters at the SDCC 2017 Panel


Emeraude talks about how Isabelle is now going down a different path and is trying to find herself again. She is going through that journey slowly and now she’s going to become a mentor for her little brother, Max. Alberto then goes on to talk about how ‘strength isn’t the absence of weakness, it’s overcoming weakness’, and that’s why we see Isabelle so strong. It’s because we see her have those moments of doubt, and because we see her have those moments where she doesn’t know how she’s going to push herself to the next day. Yet, she somehow she find it in herself to move forward. To Alberto, that’s why she’s perceived as such a badass because she has those moments of weakness.


On the panel, it’s mentioned that Simon is like a celebrity vampire because he’s a daylighter, and because he’s quite a pure character. Alberto mentions that his power with other vampire’s is something that wants to be manipulated.

Malec (Magnus and Alec)

While talking about the fact that Alec is head of the New York institute, he mentions that having a job like that that requires a lot of hours, puts a bit of stress on the people you love. Harry mentions that because what Magnus is going through something like that and it all resurfacing, he thinks it’s really difficult. Especially because Magnus has these walls that he’s put down, and now he has to put them back up again.

Clace (Clary and Jace)

Kat talks about how Clary has been through so much and how the last person Clary would ever want to hurt is Simon, and then she did. She then goes on to say that before jumping into something else, she feels like she needs to focus on work for awhile. Dominic talks about how between them there’s been a connection and chemistry since minute one, but they haven’t really had the opportunity to explore a relationship. He mentions that they are both in the place where they actually could potentially get into a relationship, there’s nothing holding them back. He then goes on to say that it gets worse before it gets better.

Seelie Queen

The Seelie Queen is going to be played by Sarah Hyland. At Comic Con, they also released a sneak peak of her playing the Seelie Queen.

Unity between Shadowhunters and Downworlders

Dominic mentions that although Simon and Jace act like they hate each other, they do have a bond and a connection. Because Simon is a daylighter because of Jace and that is something that prevalent later in the season. Whether they hate each or not, they do actually care about each other. He then relates it to Malec and other relationships on the show, everyone is starting to see that the unity does exist and they’re trying to parallel it with the real world. Unity and love is more positive and powerful than hatred, and it always will be. Alberto goes on to say that it isn’t something that happens overnight, and that everyone has to want and work towards that and it’s something you can see on the show.

Sizzy (Simon and Izzy)

Alberto doesn’t believe that they’re ready for each other yet because Simon has a broken heart and Izzy has everything going on with Raphael.


For season 3, Alisha Wainwright who plays Maia is a season regular. It is also said in the upcoming episodes, Alisha will break your heart and shatter it like never before. It’s said to be amazing work.

Season 3

In season 3, it was teased that Lilith will be showing up. It was also teased that in season 3, Luke will find love. They also said that they’ll be diving deeper into that character. City of Fallen Angels is what 3a will be all about.

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