Shania Twain Confirms December Las Vegas Residency

The Queen of country/pop Shania Twain has confirmed that she will be making her grand return to Las Vegas this December with her Let’s Go residency at the Zappos Theatre.

Back in 2012 Twain returned to the music industry after a decade away from the stage due to vocal issues that set back her recording career for 15 years. Her comeback was a Las Vegas residency at the Caesars Palace which ran from 2012 through to 2014 and earned more than $40 million dollars.

Since the Still The One showcase came to an end, Sin City has been invaded with contemporary pop stars, from the likes Lady Gaga to Drake to Christina Aguilera, jumping on the residency trend. Even rap artist Cardi B has plans for a short-term Vegas residency later this year.

“I know! What are these people (doing) jumping on my bandwagon?” Twain joked when she announced her return to Las Vegas for a new residency which kicks off on December 6th this morning (June 17th) on Good Morning America. “Everybody knows that Vegas is awesome and it’s only getting better.”

Speaking further about her upcoming Vegas stay, Shania Twain said: “Not everybody gets invited to do a residency and certainly not a long-term residency. It’s one thing to go and do six shows or something like that, but when you’re in a long-term residency, it’s a commitment. A really big commitment.” 

The Canadian legend also confirmed that there is a plus side to performing at the same venue every night, saying “You can really take advantage of the highest standard technology that is usually too sensitive to take on the road and travel. You can’t pack it up and take it down every day. So it’s a production dream. And also, it’s just great for my voice to be able to be stabilized in an environment that I can control. And I really appreciate that these days with all my Lyme disease voice issues.”

Twain has also promised a party atmosphere for the residency, saying: “It (will be) like a giant nightclub. I’m actually going to put a dance floor on the stage so there’ll be some fun audience participation.”

The ‘Let’s Go’ residency will last for 23 shows with tickets going on sale this Friday (June 21st).

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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