Shawn Mendes Joins James Corden on The Late Late Show Stage

Shawn Mendes stormed The Late Late Show stage on September 28th, and it was quite an amazing show! Not only did Shawn do an amazing performance of Mercy, but he also sat down and had a little chat with James; joined by special guests Wilmer Valderrama and Angelica Huston.

He also had a Better Then/Better Now riff-off with the late night talk-show host, and might we add he hinted a possible collab with Niall Horan? What?!

Alright, first we want to tackle the possible Shawn + Niall collaboration. We already know that if and when it happens, it will be amazing and a dream come true. During his chat with James, Shawn hinted that he was in touch with Niall and wanted to hit the studio with him soon. Adding that doing so was a little bit of a problem, due to travel and scheduling.

Next on this list – Shawn’s amazing success and incredible achievements. Shawn sat down with James (joined by the lovely Angelica Huston and dashing Wilmer Valderrama), to talk about his success, achievements, being an 18 year old and a high school graduate, and selling out Madison Square Garden in just 5 minutes.

Now we all know how amazing that is, and how proud we are of Shawn achieving his goals and living his dreams while he’s still young. So what did the 18 year old have to say? Click on the Youtube link below!

Now let’s talk about this Better Then/Better Now Riff-Off. Everyone knows how different music is now compared to how it was in the 90s, so James and Shawn put it to the test in a Riff-Off joined by The Filharmonic.

Featuring 90s hits like “No Scrubs”, “Jump!”, “Wannabe” and 2010s hits like “Cheap Thrills”, “This Is What You Came For”, and Shawn’s very own “Stitches”, the guys put on an amazing show to find out which music era was the better one!

Which era won? Watch the video below and you decide!

And lastly (but certainly not the least), Shawn ended a perfect night with a perfect performance of Mercy. Whenever we see Shawn perform the song, it feels like the first time we’re hearing a live version and it’s a feeling we adore.

The passion, emotion, and fire in his voice is always there whenever he performs it, making that one of the very reasons why we’re so in love with Shawn!

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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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