Shawn Mendes Drops Second Studio Album “Illuminate”

We’re shook and it’s lit. Shawn Mendes’ sophomore album “Illuminate” is finally available worldwide, meaning we finally get to listen to the rest of the album.

We could tell you we haven’t been waiting a long time for the release of this album, but then we’d just be telling you white lies! We feel like we’ve been waiting forever; which is something the Mendes Army can definitely side with!

We’re just happy the wait is finally over.

For a majority of the day yesterday, Shawn took to Twitter sharing behind the scenes sneak previews of the studio recordings and sessions, giving fans a small taste of the album before it’s fully released.

Team Mendes organized an Illuminate listening party in select cities, with Illuminate themed popup shops in New York City, Los Angeles, and his native city of Toronto, where Illuminate merchandise will be sold. Fans could go to the pre-album listening events in one of the listed cities, and listen to the album before anyone else.

They’ve even organized a special Illuminate themed event titled “#IlluminateToronto”, where fans in his hometown can see Shawn perform songs off his album live in October. The only way to go? By winning your way in!

How amazing is that?

For months since the album release date was announced, Shawn has expressed how excited he was for fans to listen to the new album, and how much he enjoyed making the album.

From the songs and snippets we’ve already heard, we can tell how special and different Illuminate is compared to his first album, Handwritten. The album is meant to showcase his maturity and progression in songwriting, and we can definitely see it.

Not only is Shawn’s maturity and songwriting progression noticeable, but so is his love for this album. By watching and reading recent interviews that Shawn has done, you can tell how much the album means to him whenever he talks about it, and goes in depth about the songs.

It feels like it was yesterday, that Shawn was playing his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, taking the entire stadium by storm with an amazing Illuminate themed show. And now, his second studio album is finally available for the world to listen to!

We’ve repeatedly stated how proud we are of Shawn in our past articles about him, but now we’d just like to reemphasize that! We are extremely proud of Shawn and all he’s achieved. He’s worked so hard to get to where he is today, and we can only wish the absolute best for him!

Want to know how you can listen to Illuminate? Listen to it on Google Play, Apple Music, iTunes, or grab a physical copy of the album from your local music store. Or just listen to the album via the Spotify link below!

Show some love for the album by tweeting Shawn (@ShawnMendes), what your favourite track from the album is, and don’t forget to show us some love by tweeting us (@CelebMix) what your favourite track is as well!

Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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