Sheera releases ‘We’re Here’ to raise awareness of gun violence

Los Angeles- based pop singer songwriter Sheera has released her powerful new single ‘We’re Here’.

The song is an original written by Sheera herself and is incredibly uplifting, written in response to the recent school shootings. The lyrics, in particular ‘what will it take for all of us to stand up and say enough’s enough’, encourages people to come together to put an end to gun violence.

Produced by Grammy nominated musician Alex Cantrall, ‘We’re Here’ delivers an emotional message telling listeners ‘we don’t wanna be the hunted’ and ‘we can’t stop the violence if we live in silence’.

Listen to Sheera’s ‘We’re Here’

Sheera uses her platform to spread awareness about ongoing issues in the US, and we love this here at CelebMix. Sheera not only created the song, but also produced the We’re Here movement. This is an ongoing project giving a voice to teens and millennials to address the pressing issues of this generation. The project complies the posts of thousands of people who are standing up to make a change by addressing recent issues.

Sheera has been described as ‘a force to be reckoned with’ and is clearly a very important voice for this generation who is using her passion for music for a bigger, worldwide purpose.

Check out the video for ‘We’re Here’

We love Sheera’s ethos and cannot wait to see how the We’re Here movement grows, and to listen to her forthcoming music.

Written by Enya Savage

20 year old literature student, lover of books and theatre!
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