Promotional photo for "I Got Lost In Berlin" which sees Sikdope with short bleached blonde hair and a natural-brown beard, wearing a black t-shirt, standing in front of an art memorial wall. He is holding his left arm with his right, gripped just below the elbow, with his right arm coming across his body, showcasing his tattoo art on his forearm.

Sikdope is inspired by Germany’s capital city in his new underground dance track titled “I Got Lost In Berlin”

The title alone prepares the listener for something incredible as we can all relate to getting lost in a city upon our first visit, and Sikdope has used his underground dance-producing skills to create this awesome new single, titled “I Got Lost In Berlin”. This follows up his collaboration single with DJ Q, titled “Respect” featuring Killa P.

Sikdope, real name Dawid Kabacinski, is a Polish DJ and music producer who is not to be underestimated. He showcases his versatility in production by experimenting with different styles, from bass-house to progressive cuts to trap, keeping his audience always guessing what’s next. His breakout hit “Snakes” caught the attention of Calvin Harris, and since then his career has been on the rise. When he is not performing at clubs and festivals worldwide, he is in the studio experimenting with new sounds. With a decade of training at one of Europe’s top production schools, Sikdope always has a variety of new material ready to be released. His music is characterized by pushing the limits of trap production and being a pioneer in the bass-house genre. His most-streamed track to date is “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” which is a collaboration with Borgore, where the track has gained over 45.6 million streams on Spotify, alone. Sikdope has a growing fan base across the world and is known for providing an energetic and crowd-pleasing experience. He has performed at festivals on four continents, including Tomorrowland and EDC Orlando, and has released music on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Smash The House, Circus Records, Fly Eye, and Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, including a collaboration with Tiësto himself. Sikdope is considered one of the most explosive talents in the industry today and is determined to continue his rise to the top.

Written and produced by Dawid Kabacinski, “I Got Lost In Berlin” is a trance and house dance mix that brings underground beats and some nostalgic techno rhythms, that completely immerses the listener into an inspiring and influential positive lost feeling. Usually being lost is never a good thing, but Sikdope is here to remind you that being lost might just bring you to unforgettable memories and iconic treasures that you alone manage to discover. Totally influenced by the rising house music from the city as well as the Love Parade festival, Sikdope opens up his world to you in a modern twist, determined to transport you to the secretive, selective, and dark clubs of this multifaceted city. A track like no other, “I Got Lost In Berlin” is set to leave a memorable impact on every listener.

Talking about the track, Sikdope said: “Berlin is one of my favorite European cities. I’m living really close, so naturally, I visit a lot. With the tune, I wanted to showcase my first experience of being there. Getting lost in the local music scene, architecture, and food. The main drop sound and whistle fillers have been inspired by the old school music festival ‘Love Parade’ I think that many people who are clubbing in Berlin are getting lost in music because time passes slowly there.”

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“I Got Lost In Berlin”, by Sikdope, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Spinnin’ Records.

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