Simon Cowell and Big Sean – Burgled?!

Not one, but two well known celebrities have reported their homes to have been burgled in the last few days. Big Sean and Simon Cowell have announced that recently their homes have been targeted.

Big Sean‘s announcement comes not long after music mogul Simon Cowell spoke about his recent burglary. The rapper’s is thought to have happened last week whilst he was not in the country. TMZ reported on Saturday that sources close to the star believe that the theft was ‘an inside job’. They stated that someone would have had to known the layout of the home before stealing what is reported of being up to $150,000 worth of jewellery and unpublished music.
Cowell has also spoken out about his own experience, stating that a member of his security team has been fired after the breach to his home. Simon Cowell, girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their baby son Eric were all sleeping at his £10million London home when a burglar managed to get in and steal cash and jewellery reportedly worth tens of thousands of pounds at 2.20am on Friday 4th December.

Speaking from outside his home last night, the mogul could only praise a personal security guard by the name of Mendes. According to Cowell, Mendes – whose job was to patrol the neighbourhood – confronted the burglar after seeing him drop something in the street. The guard discovered that the item dropped was Cowell‘s passport and continued to chase the thief, but he unfortunately got away. He stated ‘That man is a hero and will be getting a Christmas bonus.’ – something I think we all wish we could hear from Simon Cowell.

When asked about the ordeal, the mogul went on to say – ‘The most frightening thing is someone has been in your house. It’s not what they steal, it’s that’s someone can break into your house. It’s nerve-racking. ‘No one got hurt. Someone gets into your house and steals stuff – it could’ve been worse. I was fine. Lauren was woken up with me and checked on Eric. There are private security guards who patrol the area and they saw the guy leave and he dropped my passport. One got out the car, picked up my passport, realised it was mine and approached the guy. The guy ran off and then he the guard told us there was somebody who’d burgled the house – that’s how we found out about it.”

He then started joking about his pet Yorkshire terriers  – Squiddly and Diddly, saying  ‘We have the worst guard dogs in the world. Maybe we’ll get bigger dogs.’

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Written by CelebMix