Singer-Songwriter Giulia Is Brought Back Down To Planet Earth In Latest Music Video BTS Teaser For ‘Trippin’

Following on from the successful release of her alt-pop song ‘Trippin’, Giulia returns with its accompanying music video and more recently behind the scenes teaser for ‘Trippin’.

‘Trippin’ as a track brings together the plethora of influences and genres, derived from Giulia’s childhood travelling the globe with her father, a professional Polo player and mother, a successful fashion businesswoman. It was these cultural influences, especially the sounds and rhythms from the South American music scene that bled into the sultry soundscape of Giulia’s music. 

Going onto exploring a range of creative outputs, it wasn’t until after Giulia’s collaboration with notable fashion designer Anna Sammarone that she realised her career was destined in music. “I took the ultimate decision of entering this career as my first choice in life; so with a lot of support from my family and friends, I started moving around looking for opportunities, making demos and trying to meet and network with people to work with and progress my path in music,” Giulia states, and she has certainly not disappointed.

‘Trippin’ is the first installment in a three part series of genre-fluid music videos, all set to be trickled out over the next few months. Comprised of ‘Trippin’, ‘Lolita’ and lastly ‘Love to Hate You’ the first release ‘Trippin’ takes viewers on an out of this world experience. Magical moments of enthralling space travel are balanced out between dreamy shots of Giulia, who constantly retains eye contact with the camera for seconds on end, totally draw in and capture the viewer perfectly. 

In the music videos behind the scenes shots, we see Giulia back firmly on ground floor as she shoots the out of this world visual for ‘Trippin’. Going into the London studio, based as the location for the video, Giulia is found one of two places either in front of a gigantic green screen for her flight into space or in the make up room getting plastered with neon ultraviolet paint for her up close and personal segments of the ‘Trippin’ music video.   

What is next for Giulia? With the release of ‘Trippin’ on September 27th, as well as the rest of the epic trilogy of music videos soon to follow, for this Italian enigma things in music simply are not slowing down anytime soon.

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Written by Emma

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