Single Review: Little Mix’s Confident and Empowering ‘Shout Out To My Ex’

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. New Little Mix music has been released into the world to bless our ears! Little Mix exclusively premiered their lead single, Shout Out To My Ex, from their upcoming album Glory Days, on the X-Factor results show on Sunday.

The girls absolutely nailed their performance, with strong vocals and choreography, and by exuding their infectious confidence and happiness on stage.

The single has been met with a massive positive response. It has already charted at #1 in the U.K, the fastest single to reach the top since Adele’s Hello. It is also climbing charts in the U.S, and it is now Little Mix’s highest charting single in America!

Now that we’ve had a few days to process the epicness that is Shout Out To My Ex, let’s get into just what makes this breakup anthem stand out from the rest.

The music behind Shout Out To My Ex is very much pop-driven. The chorus is powerful, upbeat, and guaranteed to stick in your head for the whole day. The verses boast fresh, snappy, production that compliments the accompanying lyrics quite well.

What makes Shout Out To My Ex special is the balance it manages to achieve. It’s lyrics are just sassy enough to make a statement, but not to the point where they’re being petty or dramatic. Little Mix even encourage us to look on the positive side of things, to thank our exes for helping us learn and grow as a person.

You made my heart break and that made me who I am

The song finds the ultimate middle ground between a sad, emotional breakup song and an anthem of revenge and anger. Those two songs have their place as well, but Shout Out To My Ex represents the stage that most everyone going through a bad breakup wants to reach eventually: confident, genuinely happy, and completely over the person in question.

In a recent interview, the girls talked about the song and said:

It relates to everyone. Everyone can listen, it’s a happy heartbreak song. It’s empowering, it makes you feel amazing.

Little Mix themselves have been in that position, which is the inspiration behind the song. Check out this heartwarming message Leigh-Anne wrote about the single:

Vocally, all the girls in Little Mix are impeccable, and their harmonizing is, as usual, flawlessly executed. Jade and Leigh-Anne shine in the pre-chorus that features the sassy lyrics “guess I should say thank you for the hate you’s and the tattoos”. Jesy also dominates in her verse with her signature vibrato tone. But, it is undeniable that Perrie really stands out in Shout Out To My Ex, quite deservingly. For obvious reasons, you can tell that she truly believes in every lyric of the song. She sings with passion and conviction, especially in the stripped back bridge of the song.

The girls chose Shout Out To My Ex as the lead single from their album Glory Days, which comes out on November 18th, in order to “release a statement”. The song’s honest and mature nature, and its success on the charts, could be a sign of what the Glory Days era has in store for us. We’ll have to just wait and see…

Overall, Shout Out To My Ex is a little different from anything they’ve done before, but still has an undeniable Little Mix touch with its flawless vocals, positive message, and relatable lyrics. If you need to feel empowered, uplifted, or confident, whether or not you have an ex, this is the song to listen to. We will definitely have it on repeat for a while!

Single Rating: 5/5

You can download Shout Out To My Ex on iTunes and stream it on Spotify. Now we wait for the music video, which was just announced as being set to release this Friday!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.