Sister C has released their second EP “Demo Sessions, Vol. 2”

It’s been a long time coming, but Sister C has released their follow-up EP. Titled “Demo Sessions, Vol. 2”, the EP features tracks sung on their YouTube Channel during their Blue Room Sessions.

After teasing their fans on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the girls dropped the EP last Friday.

There are six tracks on this EP, all of which brings fierce country vibes and hypnotic harmonies. These three sisters were born to sing, and we are loving their new EP.

The EP kicks in with “Chainsmoker”, a catchy powerful country song, that intensifies more and more. It’s the main standout track from the EP because it really packs a punch. Yet, later on, “If I Were You” stuns us the most. Hauntingly magical, their tight harmonies and impressive vocals chills us, flaring goosebumps on our skin.

The other four tracks are typical Sister C songs, harmonies on point, vocals spectacular, emotion flowing throughout.

“Cinderella” is the slowest song on the EP, soulful and meaningful, this is the country ballad we’ve been waiting for from these girls. “Willie Nelson & My Dog” is a fun-loving upbeat track, bringing something different from these girls.

“Drinkin Bout You” and “Take Me Home” round off the EP, with powerful country vocals and personal lyrics, it ends the EP abruptly. We want more tracks from Sister C!

All six tracks could easily be released as singles, they prove that these three sisters deserve to be in the music industry. Definitely an act to keep an eye on, we hope for big things from this group.

They may have been voted off The X Factor (US) season two in the first live show, during a sing-off against Fifth Harmony, who was called 1432 at the time. But the Manchaca sisters have continued to focus on their career as a group. Now Cirby, Carli and Celbi are ready to make their mark in the country music world.

What do you think of their new EP? Which do you prefer “Demo Sessions, Vol. 1” or “Demo Sessions, Vol. 2”? Tweet us @CelebMix to let us know your thoughts.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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