Six artists you have to see live

Even though there are loads more artists that are worth seeing, according to us, these are the six that are definitely worth your money.

Taylor Swift

And that’s not just because 1989 is probably one of the best albums of 2014. Taylor knows how to put on a show for sure – there are dancers, the visual effects are amazing, there’s a flying stage and a catwalk that seems to go on for miles. And if you’re lucky, she’ll bring one of her squad members (or Mick Jagger, anything can happen at T-Swizzle’s shows) on stage and there’s no way that doesn’t make your evening approximately twelve times more exciting.

Six artists you have to see live 2

One Direction

The thing about One Direction concerts is this – they are The. Most. Fun. One Direction crowds are wild. Their songs are meant to be sung in arena’s filled with a screaming crowd. They sing Stockholm Syndrome inside some sort of laser-cage. Combine that with Harry’s dancemoves, Liams insane live vocals, Nialls radiating happiness and Louis’ addictively confident stage-presence and there you have it – the most fun you’ll ever have at a concert.

Six artists you have to see live 4

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is the definition of talent. He’s the only one on stage, just Ed, his guitar and a loop pedal. But at no point in his show do you ever think ‘hey, where is the band?’. Ed creates his own songs from scratch, right in front of your eyes. That on its own is worth buying a ticket, and then we haven’t even mentioned Ed’s insane vocals.

Six artists you have to see live 3

Justin Timberlake

If you want to see the best show you’ll ever see – go see Justin Timberlake. If there ever was anyone specifically created to be on stage, it’s him. He’ll dance, he’ll work the crowd like no other, he’ll have an incredible band with him and yes, he’ll come with a flying stage as well. And well, Justins vocal abilities aren’t something that need any further comment, right?

Six artists you have to see live 5

5 Seconds of Summer

Apart from 5SOS’ crowds, which are crazy in the absolute best way, their performances are great as well. Too often today’s artists disappoint when performing live, not living up to the expectations their albums created. 5 Seconds of Summer is one of those bands that actually aren’t done justice by recordings. Their live vocals are on point, especially when you take into account that they are actually playing the instruments themselves while also running around on stage and having the time of their lives.

Six artist you have to see live 1

Jessie J

Now we’re talking about live vocals, we can’t not mention Jessie J. Her notes hit you straight in your heart (not literally) and you are guaranteed to cry at least once during her shows. But even better than her vocals are her interactions with the crowd. She won’t just introduce her songs – she’ll sit down on stage and talk to you for five minutes straight about her life, her problems and her passions.

Six artist you have to see live 2

Written by CelebMix