Six of Louis Tomlinson’s Best Solos to Celebrate #6YearsSinceLouisAudition

Some days it’s almost impossible to think that One Direction has been a band for going on six years now – it seems like just yesterday they were starry-eyed young men on the road to overnight superstardom.  Other days it seems like Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam have been a staple to the lives of their fans for, well, almost forever and they still have yet to get enough of them.  Regardless of what type of day it is, it’s hard to imagine the four not being together, they each bring something so special to the group.  The official six year anniversary of One Direction is July 23rd but there’s another anniversary in July worth celebrating too, Louis Tomlinson’s X Factor audition.

Louis brings not just a feisty personality and beautiful set of collarbones to the band, but an incredible vocal range, massive confidence, and writing skills that have blown fans away for years now.  We thought there would be no better way to celebrate his audition anniversary than to compile six of our favorite solos from Louis so far – and let us tell you – it took us days to get it down to six.

Louis’ solos always grip the hearts of One Direction fans because he didn’t get any during the X Factor and for some time after that, it seemed to mess with his confidence.  With the help and support from his bandmates, his family, and his fans – Louis discovered just how important his voice was, and the rest is history.


6. History

History is One Direction’s love letter/promise to the fans, and the lyrics of the song in its entirety are absolutely beautiful but Louis’ solo is absolutely the most perfect part of the tune.  He puts so much power and passion into his performance and he doesn’t just sing the lyrics, he feels them and he makes you feel them too. If you’ve yet to experience this song live, don’t fret – it’ll certainly be worth the wait.

5. No Control

‘No Control’ made such a huge impact on One Direction fans that they did a special fan release of the single and it got enough recognition that the tune, without being released as an official single, won a Teen Choice Award – something that’s never happened before. One of the reasons this song was so important to fans was because it was a perfect summer anthem – it’s super catchy and perfect to sing way too loud in the car, but the main reason it was so important was Louis’ voice and confidence through its entirety.

4. 18

If you’ve seen One Direction live you know the moment just before Louis’ solo in ’18’ is an absolutely amazing one. The arena goes silent, sans a few stray cheers that fans just can’t hold in, and a sense of anticipation fills the air before his soft voice begins to sing and grows more powerful as the rest of the band joins him once his solo is over.  It’s one of the most beautiful songs One Direction has (okay, so a lot of their songs are beautiful) but this one just has a different feel to it, each of the boys definitely tap into emotion as they sing this one, and Louis’ emotion is one we all feel alongside him.

3. Don’t Forget Where You Belong

If you ask most One Direction fans to name a few of their songs they could listen to and never tire of, ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’ would definitely be one of them.  The lyrics are beautiful, the meaning behind it gives fans more of that sense of home in the fandom, and Louis’ solo absolutely takes your breath away.  This particular performance is a fan favorite because Louis confidence can be felt for miles and he hits absolutely every note effortlessly.  Plus, who doesn’t love hearing Louis sing a song with a message like this?

2. Love You Goodbye

When it comes to this song, there are basically two attempts at talking about its importance.  There either aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful Louis’ solo is in ‘Love You Goodbye’ or it’s absolutely impossible to stop talking about it – there is no in between. Louis said this song is one of his favorites from MITAM and once we heard it, it was easy to understand why – there’s so much emotion, feeling, and passion in the tune and then there’s Louis’ solo and high note. The moment right before his solo is another, during concerts, that make the entire audience fall silent and erupt in applause and pride as he nails his high note. It’s clear, during this solo, that Louis’ confidence is only getting better with time, and it’s well deserved.

1. Torn

We had to wait YEARS for Louis’ torn solo but it was well, very well, worth it.  When they performed at the BBC Live Lounge and the beginning notes of this song started to play, One Direction fans felt their hearts break and somehow, at the same time, heal all at once.  When Louis sang his solo, everyone absolutely lost it, first, there was a moment of complete silence to take it all in, then there were tears, then the song was put on repeat for days just so we could hear him sing it over and over again.  This was a monumental moment, not just for the fans, but for Louis too.  Louis’ voice has always been powerful, but for some time, he didn’t quite realize how important it was, but fans took every opportunity they had to praise his voice and let him know how special it was, and over time, he finally believed it too.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.