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EXCLUSIVE: Sleepy Tom Drops Summer-y Bop & Talks About New Sound

Technically, summer is over and we have to get accustomed to the idea of wrapping ourselves in warm clothes again. We should be thinking about buying some brand new candles, maybe stock up our tea assortment, and just generally get ready to find something that will get us safely through the cold times.

But why go that far when we can also just put our dancing shoes on and listen to Sleepy Tom’s new track “Move”? Luckily, no one has told the Diplo- collaborator (“Be Right There”) that summer is technically over.

Five years after first rising to prominence in the EDM scene, the DJ decided that it was just the right time to switch things up by declaring the end of October as the perfect opportunity to release the most summer-ready bop. Sounding as carefree and innocent as a day by the lake, we were shook to the core when we first heard the track. And we couldn’t be more thankful about this late happy-go-lucky-filled musical sunshine.

His latest release is a groovy, jazz-inspired track that is as sweet and addictive as candy. It truly manages to capture the DJ’s refined sound which is elevated into new heights as a result of his decision to let loose of any restrictions. Teaming up with singer-songwriter Sophia Black, we suddenly find ourselves immersed into a world full of pop bliss right from the start. Filled with a big hook, some very catchy lyrics and a production that showcases Sleepy Tom’s ability to smoothly blend and transcend the genres, “Move” offers a wonderful opportunity to joyfully dance around the room.

We were so impressed with Sleepy Tom’s blend of the genres and his decision to break the musical boundaries that we decided to ask him a couple of questions about it ourselves. Find out all about it in the interview down below. He also talks about his dream collaborations, how it was to work with Diplo and gives us some exciting insight into his upcoming EP.

Listen to “Move” down below and don’t forget to read the interview right after:

Hey there! Before we start, we would like to congratulate you on the new release! How does it feel to have your new song out?

It feels great! It might be the shortest song I’ve made, but we packed a lot into it!

We can tell that! And we love it! “Move” is such a wonderfully groovy release. What was the inspiration behind it?

My friend Parker Bossley and I tried to channel late 90s Janet when we were writing it. Mixed with some Neon Indian and white wine spritzers.

It also features vocals by Sophia Black: how was it working with her?

She smashed it! She re-wrote the verses and a bunch of other stuff and made it all her own. So glad to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Your latest tracks include not only a collaboration with Sophia Black but also with Blonde Diamond. How did you choose who is “right” for a track?

Blonde Diamond, formerly Youngblood, is a great friend of mine and we write well together. I also produced her new EP “Fantasy Love”! I’ll honestly work with anyone whose music I’m a fan of!

You have already worked with some big names already! You did an original track with Diplo; you have released remixes for great DJs such as Martin Solveig, Rebecca Fiona and Felix Cartal. Who would you love to collaborate with in the future and why?

Well, a short list would consist of: AlunaGeorge, Majid Jordan, MØ, Empress Of. So many more though!

Most readers know you from your collaboration with Diplo on the 2015 smash hit “Be Right There”, which even went Top 10 in the UK. Can you tell us a bit about how this track came together?

I made a bootleg of the original song, Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away”, and he really liked it—and thought it could become something much more. So we worked on it for a few months and had Priscilla Renea re-sing the hook. Glad so many people connected with it!

Prior to the release you had already remixed songs of Diplo’s. What was it like working with him directly?

I’ve always been a fan of his, so it was pretty wild to be able to work on that song with him.

You actually started your career as mixing engineer before getting into the DJ business. How did the success of the song affect your life, not only as a person but also as an artist?

It was great to be able to tour around and play to bigger crowds, but I think it showed me that I needed to become a better songwriter. I’ve spent the last couple years really focusing on getting better and writing as much as possible.

“I started to feel confined to making strictly dance music,” Sleepy Tom admits. “I wanted to explore pop song structures, more real instruments, more hooks – basically, to create a more accessible and intimate experience for people listening.” 

“Be Right There” is very house. You recently mentioned on Twitter that- for now- you would like to explore other musical options, which we can already tell from the released tracks.  How did you get the idea to temporarily switch genres?

I don’t think it was intentional, I just started writing more with friends here and this is what came out. I like the idea of being able to write all types of music!

Were there any major influences that played a role in this decision?

I’ve had so much time in the studio so I got to think about what I wanted to make more than before.

Disco, 90s, pop, house: what can we expect from your upcoming music?

All of those all together all at once!

Do you have any specific genres left that you would like to explore in the future?

Would be sick to make a whole disco record. My mom played so much of it when I was a kid, and it’s not dead and will never die!

We’d love to hear how that turns out! Can you tell us whether an EP is coming and what to expect from it?

Yeah, it’s called “The Times” and it’s basically a mix of pop and dance and indie I guess. But it’s more or less me dipping my toes in the fountain of pop music.

Exciting! Now, last but not least: what are you hoping to achieve in the future? What is one big goal you strive to accomplish?

I want to buy a house and build a studio in it! Then keep making music as long as it’s still fun!

Thank you so much for the lovely interview!

“Move” is available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer of your choice. Sleepy Tom’s upcoming “The Times” will be out soon and will feature artists such as Lights, Steve Bays and Sophia Black. Be sure to follow the artists on their individual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to stay up-to-date with their latest undertakings.

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