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Soft Streak serve up delicious visuals on single ‘Reasonable Lie’

Los Angeles-based experimental electropop duo Soft Streak play housewife in the video for ‘Reasonable Lie’.

Tori Schachne and Colton Toy are the names behind the upcoming duo whose classical and jazz influences infuse to make their trademark dreamy sound. On ‘Reasonable Lie’, muted guitar meets sleek synths as Soft Streak give their take on a not so perfect relationship.

“Run the house and keep the surface clean, all the time it’s just the same routine”, Tori murmurs as she slabs buttercream onto a sponge – the video’s housewife monotony inspired by Jeanne Dielman’s 1975 film ’23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles’. As ‘Reasonable Love’ stories a relationship that doesn’t go much deeper than the surface, Soft Streak also draw inspiration from couples on reality TV shows.

“I wrote the song from a perspective of imagining myself in a reality TV relationship and what it would mean to also have that unreal relationship dissected weekly on TV by millions of people.”

“At the end of the video, we can gather that her life and her relationship feel like a lie to her, but it is easier for her to lie than to admit to herself that she’s wasting her time, has wasted her life and would have to deal with the impossible reality of starting over.”

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The latest release from the unique duo, ‘Reasonable Lie’ follows early 2019 EP Late Bloomer which opens with ‘Ride’, the pair’s biggest hit to date. With their airy and escapist electropop sound, Soft Streak are certainly a group to watch.

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