Some of The Best Medleys Westlife Ever Did on Tour

Who loves a good tour medley?

To celebrate the fact Westlife is back, soon to release new music and head out on their aptly named “The Twenty Tour” next year, and purely because we wanted an excuse to spend an hour listening to and watching videos of the lads. we’ve put together a list of what we feel are some of the best medleys they did in their live shows, just to remind everyone of what we have all been missing.


The Farewell Tour- 2012

This was a medley of all the band’s previous medleys .needs no more said…. have a watch for yourself and you will see exactly what we mean. This is one of the best medleys the band ever did.

The Gravity Tour-2011

Westlife tour medleys are always upbeat, but the lads covering Coldplay and Rihanna all in one medley certainly needs a mention.

Turnaround Tour- 2004

They sang the theme tune to Friends… A bit of Wham, this was a toe-tappingly good medley.

The Love Tour- 2007

For the Love Tour in 2007, the lads paid homage to their “boy band” contemporaries featuring songs from Backstreet Boys, New Kids on The Block, Boyzone, Bros and Take That.

The Where We Are Tour- 2010

The boys are back in town…. This was the first time the band ever covered Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire.” and BEP’s  “I Gotta Feeling.”

Which medley was your favourite? or is it one we haven’t featured? Let us know @CelebMix!







Written by Kelly McFarland

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