Songs From ‘Glory Days’ We Can’t Wait To See Live

With Little Mix’s fourth studio album being released, the ‘Glory Days’ era represented a more mature and developed side to the band, with ‘Shoutout To My Ex’ landing the girls a Number 1 chart position. Here at CelebMix, we have reviewed the top 5 songs from the album that we can’t wait to see live (it was a hard decision)!

1. Shoutout To My Ex

A song that everyone can relate to. Being the first song off the album, it doesn’t dwell on the negatives. It isn’t a sad song in the slightest – it is a song that everyone wants to get up and dance to! Of course, you can’t sing along if you don’t have a certain someone in mind who the song is about. The song takes a positive view of what was an incredibly negative situation, and we can’t wait to hear the song live on the tour!

2. Touch

This is another anthem that makes you want to dance along as soon as you hear it. ‘Touch’ represents a completely different side to Little Mix, but nonetheless it completely suits them! The lead up to the chorus is infectious and the lyrics on the chorus are quite flirty, again showing a more mature side to Little Mix. It will be good to see how this song is reflected through choreography and production on the ‘Glory Days’ tour.

3. Oops (featuring Charlie Puth)

This song again took Little Mix on a new sound but just like ‘Touch,’ it completely suits them! The lyrics are quite raunchy, and having Charlie Puth on the track adds to it and he fits in perfectly. This is a collaboration that just works, like ‘Secret Love Song’ with Jason Derulo. This song reminds us of ‘Love Me Like You’ – with a sort of motown feel. You want to sing along as soon as the beat of this song starts!

4. Nobody Like You

Even though the album is mostly made up of upbeat songs, ‘Nothing Like You’ shows off the more vulnerable and emotional side to the band. This song describes the feelings after a break up, and the rawness of the song makes it one of the most emotional and touching songs on the album. ‘Nobody Like You’ is something that everyone who has gone through a break-up can relate to. No matter who tries to replace that one special person, they just can’t do it.

5. No More Sad Songs

They say that sad songs are meant to help with a break-up, but do they? The first part of the song describes getting over a break-up and wondering who that person is spending their time with. When the chorus kicks in, it takes on a strong beat. Clearly, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade had enough with sad songs, and felt that writing a strong, upbeat anthem was the best way to avoid these sad songs!

With ‘Glory Days’ taking on a completely different and new sound for the girls, what do you make of the new album? Was it as good as you expected it to be? What song are you most looking forward to hearing on the tour? Make sure you tweet us: @CelebMix.


Written by Rachel Dempster