Songs We Hope to Hear on “A Head Full of Dreams” Tour

A Head Full of Dreams tour starts on March 31, and we cannot wait! We already know Coldplay will set up an amazing show for us, from the stage design to the singing and, most importantly, the setlist! In no particular order, here are a few songs we’re hoping to hear:

1. Fix You

A Coldplay classic! Chris Martin’s skillful crooning, the awesome guitar solo, and the hopeful vibe of the song cannot be missed live.

2. Yellow

Can’t have too much of the old stuff! Although this fan favorite from Coldplay’s first album was left off the setlist in their 2014 Ghost Stories tour, we’re praying it will make a comeback.

3. A Sky Full of Stars

How awesome would it be to see a stadium filled with swaying phone lights as Stars was performed? We’re convinced this song was made to be heard live.

4. A Head Full of Dreams

We better hear the namesake song of both the album and the tour itself! Imagine the cool sound effects that would go along with this, and everyone singing along with the “whoaaaaooooohhh’s!”

5. Everglow

One of the most intimate songs on the album, we can already feel goosebumps rising as the piano echoes through the stadium during this song. If performed live, it’ll be an unforgettable tear-jerker for sure.

6. Adventure Of A Lifetime

Considering how epic the Super Bowl halftime show performance of Adventure was and that it’s their most popular single from A Head Full of Dreams, we’d be shocked if it didn’t make it to the tour. We already dance super hard to this song when it comes on the radio, imagine how much we’d jam if it was performed live!

To get a taste of Adventure Of A Lifetime live, check out this clip from the Super Bowl halftime show:

If you’re pumped for the tour but haven’t gotten tickets yet, be sure to check out the dates and available seats here.

What songs would you like to hear Coldplay perform live? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @CelebMix!


Written by CelebMix