Songs we want to hear 5SOS play on their UK SLFL tour

5SOS are kicking off their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour in the UK and Ireland in a couple of weeks and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate the fact that the lovely Aussie lads are returning, we thought we would compile a list of what we would love to see on the set list! It’s just so hard to choose from when they’ve released not just the obvious album tracks but several EPs over the years and bonus songs. We’ve chosen some old and newer ones but wouldn’t we all just want to hear them sing every song live? Sigh. We can dream!


We can imagine this would be a crowd-pleaser! This oldie has a real early 00s pop-punk vibe which makes it stand out for all of the right reasons. It would be such a nice treat for the fans who have been with them from way back in 2012 when the song was originally released.

The Only Reason

This beautiful tune that pulls right at your heart strings wouldn’t get every one in crowd tearing up a bit (even the dads!). Led on vocals by hair chameleon Michael, you can just imagine the crowds singing the deep and emotional lyrics so loudly back to him.


Now, we know that Castaway was on the set list for the Japan leg of the tour but it’s here just in case the guys were thinking of dropping it – we hope they don’t! We always have a secret jam out session to the “oh oh”s so jamming to it at a concert would be one hundred times better, right?


This is a fan favourite that hasn’t been played live yet. (Major sad faces all around!) Perhaps 5SOS can turn our frowns upside down and add this in quickly for the UK? We’ll see!



We’re taking it all the way back to when the lads supported One Direction on the Take Me Home tour with this one. Superhero is another fan favourite that hasn’t had many live performances since 2013. Any chance of bringing it back, lads?

Wherever You Are

Written and recorded especially for fans, Wherever You Are would go down so well with the crowds on tour. It really enhances that bond between fans and the band and how much that connection can mean to people.

Have we missed any of your favourite songs out? What do you want to hear 5SOS sing on their UK and Ireland leg of the tour? Let us know at @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix