Southbeats Kicks Off The Autumn With A Bang

Southbeats on Saturday 22nd September was eventful indeed. It was raining, cold and windy however, this did not deter the teenagers of Kent to go to the small festival.

Southbeats is held by Kiss Radio Station with two dance tents and a Main Stage. Becky Saif was the first act we managed to watch and wow did she kick off the day with a bang in the Ram Tent. Becky tweeted about Southbeats saying that she has ‘never seen anything like it’.

Next, we headed over to the main stage to watch Patrick Nazemi. Although the weather wasn’t very good meaning a lack of atmosphere, Patrick managed to create one, letting the crowd forget about the rain and allowing them to start enjoying themselves by dancing, screaming and slipping over in the mud. Culture Shock then kicked off in the Ram Tent getting the crowd to create Moshpits, full of jumping up and down and screaming back to them. As the day went on the atmosphere grew and grew to the point where eventually no one was worrying about the rain and the focus was fully on enjoying themselves.

After Culture Shock, we then headed back out into the rain to watch Hardy Caprio over at the Main Kiss Stage. What a set he managed to perform to the now ever growing crowd! Unfortunately we only managed to watch the end of set but from how the crowd were dancing and reacting, it showed that Hardy Caprio had pleased them. We stayed at the Main Stage to then see James Hype, who played his new single with Craig David called ‘No Drama’. James also performed many remixes of the songs in the charts as well as many old hits including ‘Gold Dust’ by DJ Fresh and his own rendition of ‘One Kiss’ by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa. He was our favourite of the day.


After James Hype the crowd were disappointed to find out that Not3s was unable to make it to Southbeats. However, they were happy to know that Yungen would be performing instead. He played all of his well known hits including ‘Bestie’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Comfy’ and the crowd were able to sing all of the lyrics back to him, dance and scream. Yungen was the perfect act to replace Not3s. To end the day we went into the Area 10 tent for the first time to watch MK perform as the final act of the day. The crowd in the tent was enormous and were able to show MK how much of a good of a day they had.

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Written by Indiatabony

I am 20 and I love attending concerts and listening to my favourite artists latest music. I am studying festivals and events at university, events management is my passion.
Twitter: ITabony