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Spencer Ludwig Drops The Music Video For “Honeymoon” Featuring Z & Drü Oliver

After a month and a bit of waiting, Spencer Ludwig has finally dropped the music video to his awesome track “Honeymoon” which features Z & Drü Oliver. The song was released on September 28, 2018, and it’s clear the wait for the music video was so worth it.

Spencer Ludwig is a trumpeter, singer, songwriter, and producer who was in the band Capital Cities before venturing on a solo career. He has performed with a variety of people and has been building his music career over the last few years. His songs and music video have gone viral as of late and has gained him support from a variety of well-known celebrities, including Chance The Rapper, Maroon 5, and Camila Cabello. The song features Z, who is best known for her solo song “Nobody’s Better” which features Fetty Wap, as it currently has over 65 million Spotify streams. She proves herself in this new song and shows that she is a talent that we’re all going to remember. Also featured is Drü Oliver, who has just started out on a solo music career and has previously worked with Spencer Ludwig on the track “MÁS”.

According to Spotify, the song was written by Drü Oliver, Jesse Fink, Michael Adubato, and Spencer Ludwig, whilst it was produced by Michael Adubato. It’s been quite the wait for the music video, but it has a stunning narrative and performance integrated throughout, really showcasing all three artists. It has been directed by J.J. Reyes & Herminio Tovar.

Watch Spencer Ludwig’s Music Video For “Honeymoon” Featuring Z & Drü Oliver Here:

We watch Spencer Ludwig and Z play boyfriend and girlfriend in the narration, as we watch their loved-up story take a turn for the worse as they get into an argument. This relates to the song perfectly, as Spencer Ludwig claims that “the honeymoon is over”, in reference to the adoration that a new couple has for each other which many people now label as “the honeymoon period”. As the video progresses, we watch flashbacks to happier times and jump straight into the performance segment as if it is part of the storyline. It’s such a great music video, we could easily watch it on repeat.

“Honeymoon” is available to download and stream right now. He has also recently dropped a remix EP for the song “Just Wanna Dance”, you should so check that out too.

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