We Spoke To The 1975 Fans To Find Out Why They Love Them So Much

The 1975 are a four-piece indie rock band from Manchester who have grown considerably within the last few years, as they continue to make a name for themselves in the industry. They have a big fan base that loves them for many different reasons, but they can all unite and say that one of the main reasons is the fact that they are always themselves. They always encourage their fans to express themselves too, as they have previously stated they think they’re ‘ambassadors for this generation’.

CelebMix took the time to speak to some of The 1975 fans to see why they loved them so much and what the band means to them:

Morgan | 15 – “I love the 1975 because of the way I feel when I listen to their music. Like, I could be happy, upset, angry, excited and it wouldn’t matter because the songs always help my mood. Also, the way they perform live is so amazing and there aren’t words for how connected they make the crowd feel. Their music is the soundtrack to my life and I couldn’t ask for a better band. (:”

Jennifer | 16 – “I love that they don’t conform to genres and just make music that they enjoy without thinking about fitting a certain style or whether or not they’re relatable. I also love the fact that they talk about certain topics that most artists don’t like to talk about out of fear that they’ll receive hate. Also, their production is just beautiful, their instruments provoke such strong emotions without the need of lyrics. Just the other day I wanted to cry listening to ‘She’s American’ just because of how amazing the production is.”

Ilaria – “I fell in love with them because their lyrics are so raw and pure. It feels like Matty writes straight up what goes on in his mind. In every song, he tells a story, his story, and that’s really fascinating. Sometimes he even continues that story in other songs or contradicts himself for he was so young before and thinks now he’s grown up. The sound and the vibe are also really important. I don’t usually like straight up pop songs, but they had a process, which brought them to the music they make now. I remember some years ago, I categorised them as indie rock but now they’re into indie pop or even synth. They made everyone understand that we don’t need to categorise ourselves for the genre we like because nowadays the only important thing is that the music is GOOD and not what the genre is. I have been in this fandom for a lot of time, but I think the thing that keeps attracting people to The 1975, let alone the vibe, is the charisma everyone in the band has.”

Emme | 16 – “I love how their music is so original and different to pretty much anything else I’ve heard before. I also love how they connect to the audience when they are performing live. I remember when Matty told everyone to put their phones away to just capture the moment with their eyes and not through a screen, and everyone did! And it was so beautiful. ‘Robbers’ is a special song for me, that was also amazing live. For me, my favourite is actually George and I’m gutted that he doesn’t get acknowledged enough because he is amazing!!”

Naomi – “The thing I think I love the most about them is their music covers all emotions. Happy, sad, jealousy etc. Most of their songs are less about sex (although there are some) and more about something meaningful, something that a lot of people struggle with. For example, in ‘She Lays Down’, the struggle of depression and addiction, it really tells a story that people can relate to and can help in an unimaginable way. I feel like The 1975’s music has changed my perspective on a lot of things. They do what they want, not what others think. They write the most beautiful and meaningful music I’ve ever heard.”

Marissa | 20 – “I fell in love with The 1975 because of how honest and raw their lyrics are. They are unapologetic about what they discuss in their music and do it with so much conviction. Also that they create music for the purpose of creating art and reaching others, not becoming famous. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why I love this band but the basis of it is just how real they are as an artist and their integrity to not conform to what record labels/society wanted them to be.”

Kaia | 15 “I think when I really realised the impact they had on me was when I first really listened to ‘She Lays Down’. It’s funny, I was laying down on my floor and I had just relapsed. I was wrecked. Absolutely fin wrecked. And then ‘She Lays Down’ began to play. It was around 2 in the afternoon. Nobody was home. And then I started crying. I don’t cry. I really, really don’t cry. But I was coming down from my high and I thought that ‘She Lays Down’ was about me. I was just so high and alone. But I felt like they knew me in that moment. I mean I still felt fin lonely, but the song made me see my situation in a different light. Moral of the story, I relate to ‘She Lays Down’ and it’s a very personal song to me. As well as many others. It’s the connection I have with the lyrics. It’s the connection I have with the production. It’s like a drug for my soul.”

Alexis | 22 – “I fell in love with them because they made me happy about life again. I suffered from terrible postpartum depression and my son’s dad and I were breaking up after being together for five years. It was a very difficult time. But they made me happy to be alive again and then I started going to concerts and breaking out of my shell and I’m so confident and happy now. Their music makes me want to take risks and live life to the fullest. It’s all so honest, raw, and beautiful and I love it. Their music is so emotionally exhausting but fulfilling.”

Molly – “They just make me happy, to be honest. ‘Robbers’ is just such a good song. I love their vibe…and Matty’s hair.”

Sioned | 16 – “I really just love everything about them, it’s so hard to actually condense my love for them into reasons. Their music is so magical and it makes you feel so much better about yourself. It’s just really feel good music. I also love how Matty defies gender roles, like the ‘Love Me’ video was just brilliant. And seeing them live is so special, they really try to make their concerts address real life issues like after the Orlando shooting, they lit up the stage with the pride flag during ‘Loving Someone’. I think that just portrays how aware they are.”

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Written by Sureya Ali

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