State Champs Drop New Single “Mine Is Gold”

State Champs have dropped another new single, titled ‘Mine Is Gold’, from their upcoming album, Living Proof. The track is the third that’s been released from the new album, following on from ‘Crystal Ball‘ and ‘Dead and Gone‘.

Speaking to Billboard, where the song premiered, lead vocalist Derek DiScanio said, “If you’ve ever been betrayed, bullied, or doubted by someone close to you, ‘Mine Is Gold’ is for you. ‘Your heart is black and mine is gold,’ goes a clear-eyed chorus that slows down the tempo, invites the mosh pits to open, and lets State Champs slug it out for the good guys.”

Continuing, Derek explains, “This one hits home for us in a range of ways and gives us a sense of pride after the musical risk we took on the chorus of this song especially. We took a lot of influence from bands like Cartel and Saves the Day on this song and the way they can shape dynamics and changes in energy.”

Check out ‘Mine Is Gold’ below!


Living Proof is set to be released on the 15th June through Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order the album here.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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