State Champs Release Acoustic Version Of “Secrets”

State Champs have released an acoustic version of ‘Secrets’; a new rendition of the track that will be a part of the upcoming deluxe edition of Around The World and Back.

The pop punk five-piece have blown us away with a new take on the song that was originally released as a single in 2015.

Speaking to PopBuzz, where the acoustic track was premiered, the band said:

“Secrets is not only near and dear to us because it was the first single off of Around the World and Back, but our love for the track has only grown with this acoustic rendition. Although our acoustic appearances are few and far between, Secrets was always a stand out, laden with 3-part harmony and chunky guitars, so it was only right that we recorded it for the deluxe edition of the record.”

Check out the acoustic version of ‘Secrets’ below!

After recently releasing the brand new track ‘Slow Burn‘, the band unveiled that it would be a part of the deluxe edition of Around The World and Back. The record will include two new songs, two acoustic songs and two live songs. If that wasn’t enough, a full feature DVD will be included too! The deluxe edition is set to be released on the 5th May via Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order it here.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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