Stefano May Releases a Lost Love Ballad on New Single “Crazy”

Miami-based pianist and vocal virtuoso Stefano May releases his new single “Crazy” discussing the dark depths of romance. He champions the ballad as a powerful vocalist with stunning crescendos and weighted emotional depth. Produced by Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers), “Crazy” shines as a seamless, classically poised rendition of a painstaking lost love affair.

The music video for “Crazy” explores the idea of isolation, wilderness, and the deep loneliness that follows heartbreak. Stefano is pictured lamenting on a desolate beach, a bare mountain cliffside, and hulled up in his disheveled apartment playing the piano. As a deep-cut ballad, Stefano shines as a cathartic, captivating vocalist on his raw performance of “Crazy.” He uses brooding notes of piano and bellowing vocals to convey his emotional turmoil on his stunning, vulnerable new release “Crazy.”

Stefano is a classically trained pianist born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy who now lives in Miami as a rising singer-songwriter. He began his career working alongside Chico Bennett with his 2019 debut single “Prayer.” “Crazy” is his latest release where Stefano showcases his divine vocal capabilities and piano prowess.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast