Steve Aoki and Gerard Way Collaborate For “Black Parade” Remix

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and EDM artist and record producer Steve Aoki have officially released a remix together, Buzzfeed reports.

The song is a new take on My Chemical Romance’s most popular song “Welcome to the Black Parade,” which released 10 years ago. The remix comes just two months after MCR released a 10th anniversary edition of The Black Parade album.

Aoki confirmed the collaboration earlier this year in January when he posted a picture of himself and Gerad in the studio via Snapchat.

Steve Aoki and Gerard Way Collaborate For "Black Parade" Remix 1

Steve told Buzzfeed that he worked on this remix more than his others “because when you have an incredible song like this, you don’t wanna take away certain parts that are so integral.” Gerard said that he loved it because Steve kept “the intensity” and “purpose” of the song.

Listen to the remix between Gerard Way and Steve Aoki here!

To read the full interview with Buzzfeed, click here.

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Cover Photo Credits: Pat Loika via Wikimedia Commons

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