My Chemical Romance Release ‘The Black Parade’ 10th Anniversary Edition

My Chemical Romance have released the 10th anniversary edition of their iconic album, The Black Parade.

The band first announced the reissue back in July, with a cryptic video that caused fans to speculate if the band will be reuniting. However, the band has since turned down the rumors in a Twitter post.

The reissue of The Black Parade includes all of the original tracks from the album, along with exclusive live demos and new songs. The album also goes by the name of Living With Ghosts.

My Chemical Romance Release ‘The Black Parade’ 10th Anniversary Edition 2

As fans have realized, the demos on Living With Ghosts differ from the final cuts of the songs. “House of Wolves” for example, sounds completely different from The Black Parade version and includes different lyrics. Although it sounds different, we are still completely in love with it!

Fans can purchase the album on the band’s official website. Bundles are also available that include a digital album, vinyl, and MCRX flag.

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Cover Photo Credits: Chapman Baehler

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