Stormzy talks the Brits and why Little Mix deserves to win

The memories of #BritsSoWhite controversy is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Last year, the Brits award community received a major backlash as people pointed out the lack of diversity in the awards’ nomination.

Stormzy was one of the loudest and strongest voices in the controversy. Recently, he sat with Julie Adenuga from Beats1 and talked about the incident.

When asked about the Brits backlash, the singer said,

“After the fuss I caused last year, I remember seeing the whole backlash of it and thinking: ‘Okay. I’m happy it’s caused backlash, but I didn’t want too much backlash'”.

The “Shut Up” singer explained why it’s not okay to nominate everyone in an attempt to show “diversity”. He said, “It could’ve gone in a weird way of, ok, we haven’t supported Grime and black music, so let’s just go crazy and nominate everyone, and I was thinking that’s wrong if someone doesn’t deserve an award.

Last year, it was debatable, last year I probably would have been eligible for best breakthrough, and I would have said cool, there might have been one or two people I felt like my weight could have stood next too.”

Stormzy also talked about Little Mix and why according to him, the group “deserves to win”. He said,

“I Little Mix need to win it because they’ve smashed it this year, they need to win it. It doesn’t matter about giving it to whoever to make it look, so that’s what I was worried about. After seeing the nominations come out this year, I feel like every single person they nominated, like Skepta being nominated for three, that’s right, that’s deserved, Kano being nominated, that’s deserved, Craig David, it’s all deserved.”

Stormzy added that he has a lot of respect for the Brits’ community and he is happy that this time, they have taken others in consideration for the awards’ nomination,

“I was on the flex of like, guys, that was wrong, you know that was wrong, I’m going to tell you off a bit, that was naughty, and I’ll put my hands up, I show a lot of respect to the BRITs for the way they handled the situation, they said that’s fair enough, they adjusted it, and I think everyone won.”

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