Strictly Final – Review and Results!

Yes, the Strictly final was upon us last night. The glitter, sparkle and excitement of it all was nearly at it’s end.

This years show was opened with an incredible bubbly dance showing many of the professionals and contestants from this series, yes – we saw Jeremy Vine wearing a shower cap (Again!)

The incredible finalists were introduced with drama and glamour, being revealed in sparkly boxes individually. The four finalists first dances were chosen by the judges – they picked the dances they felt that needed the most improvement.

The finalists of 2015
The finalists of 2015

First up, Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani – The dance they were looking to improve was their Quickstep in which they scored a sound 25 last time. It was lively and maintained incredible footwork. Len Goodman commented it was a “Vast improvement on last time round”. They scored an incredible 36 this time around, well deserved.

Second to dance this week was Georgia May Foote and partner Giovanni Pernice – They were asked to improve their Bond style Rumba which scored a 27 their first time. It was dramatic and very entrancing. Craig Revel Horwood commented that Georgia was using her hips “Beautifully”. This scored them a significant 36!

Kellie Bright and Kevin Clifton were to improve their Tango, which was Kellie’s first dance on Strictly which scored a 27. Darcey Bussell branded it as being “Outstanding”. Amazingly – This got them their first 40! Craig gave his first 10!

Finally, Katie Derham and Anton Du Beke were to improve their Quickstep – This gained them 26 the first time. After doing it again Len commented that he loves Katie’s posture. They then went on to gain a respectable 31 from the judges.

The leader board after their first dance saw Kellie and Kevin deservedly being sat at the top with Katie and Anton at the bottom.

Time for the second dance – The one most people look forward to – The show dances!

First up was Jay and Aliona; They danced to ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd – Their dance was incredibly lively, Len said it was “A trip down memory lane”, however he did say he wanted more of a show dance that what was shown. This scored a appreciable 35 points.

Next, Georgia and Giovanni, they danced to ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay their dance was highly captivating and entrancing, I had tears in my eyes as it was so beautiful to watch. Bruno mentioned he ‘Loved the chemistry’, this incredible dance got 36!

Lindy-hop style now – None other that Kellie and Kevin this energetic show dance to ‘Ding-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line’ by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies clearly impressed the judges; Craig Revel Horwood said it was ‘Amazing’ and got out his second 10, again leaving this couple with a well deserved score of 40!

Following, was Katie and Anton – with their dramatic dance to ‘O Fortuna’ by Carl Orff. Darcey pronounced it as “Outstanding”. It scored a substantial 31. After two dances the couple that sadly left with the lowest number of votes was Katie and Anton.

Now – It was time for the incredible finalists to re-perform one of their favourite dances from the series.

Jay and Aliona chose their Paso Doble, it proved to be intense and dramatic. Len commented saying it was “Powerful and clean”. They scored a prominent 39 from the judges.

Afterwards was Georgia and Giovanni; They chose their Chicago Charleston, it was lively and amazing. Bruno commented it was a “Sparkling cracker of a Charleston”. This got them their first 40!

Finally – We have Kellie and Kevin with their entertaining and lively Star Wars themed Charleston! Kellie was branded as the “Princess of Precision”, by Darcey. This gained a well deserved total of 39 points!

Now – It was time for the group dance – All celebrities and professionals were reunited one last time, it was very lively and entertaining, full of sparkle, again we saw Jeremy Vine on his horse.

After a nail biting and intense 13 weeks, it was time for the winner to be revealed. The winner of the Strictly Come Dancing 2015 Glitter ball trophy is Jay and Aliona!

Strictly Final - Review and Results! 1
A well deserved win for Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani.











This was extremely well deserved, they cannot get any higher praise than they are having – he has been outstanding throughout the competition and has taken my breath away many times.

Check out the winning moment below.

Written by CelebMix