Suho collaborates with Jane Jang for new single “Dinner”

Last year, we introduced you with 5 mesmerising tracks released under SM Station, a digital music project by SM Entertainment. Suho along with other EXO members, has been an active contributor to the project and has released tracks that would easily please a melomaniac’s ears.

On March 9th, EXO’s leader Suho, in collaboration with soloist Jane Jang released a single titled “Do You Have a Moment”. The single was one of the two songs Suho planned to release with Jang.

On 10th March, “Do You Have a Moment” was immediately followed with the release of the second single. Titled “Dinner”, the music video for the song was revealed on SMTown,  the YouTube channel of the entertainment label.

When listened to in isolation, “Do You Have a Moment” and “Dinner” seem two opposite poles of a magnet. To understand the concept completely, they need to be seen and listened to in tandem. The former single talks about people’s hesitation, which makes them reluctant in confessing their feelings. It ends with a simple yet powerful message. One need not be eloquent in love, sometimes, a simple initiator does the work well.

Dinner on the other hand, talks about the formalities carried out by couples. The music video showcases the story of a couple who works on the beat of a clock as love does not seem to drive their actions. Pretension is not just in the behaviour but also in the ambience which makes each person’s indifference pretty evident.

Jang’s sultry voice stands out but at the same time,  blends beautifully with Suho’s soft vocals. The combination supported by beat drops creates a lasting impact. The music videos for both the songs are good and showcase concepts really well.

Both the songs depict contrasting narratives and this seems to be a deliberate attempt on the part of the writers. Love has many facets and each needs to be understood to make sense of the complete picture. Suho and Jang tries to show different moods and colours of love through their songs and they seem to succeed at their attempt.

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Written by Ayushi

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