Top 5 tracks from “SM Station” You Can’t Miss

On 3rd February, 2016, SM Entertainment launched a digital music project which it titled “SM Station”. The project brought together different artists from the label for one of a kind works.

Not restricting themselves to just rap or ballads, the content offered in this project is quite varied. This seems to be one of the reasons for its popularity amongst music lovers.

As part of the project, artists, who are otherwise seen as a part of group or preparing for their own solo projects, come together to collaborate for different songs that eventually turn out to be blessings to listeners’ ears.

While SM Station has released a lot of single, we will be listing down our top 5 picks:

“Tell Me What Is Love” by D.O. and Yoo Young Jin

“Dream In a Dream” by TEN

“The Day” by Beakhyun and K.Will

“Dancing King” by EXO and Yoo Jae Suk

“Spring Love” by Eric Nam and Wendy

The first season of the project began with the release of “Rain” and ended with Suho’s single “Curtain”. Following its success, the label decided to launch a second season which began in March. TEN’s single from the list was released in the second season and garnered huge attention.

There is a huge list of artists we would love to see collaborating for this project. But as of now, we are satisfied with the production. Do you agree? Which is your favourite SM Station single? Tell us via tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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