Review: Summer In The City 2016

The biggest UK YouTube event took place this weekend; Summer In The City.

Summer In The City takes place over three days. Friday 12th was the Creator Day and then Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th were the big weekend days. We attended the Saturday and Sunday this year! The event grows every year and attracts some big names. This year, people such as Emma Blackery, Josh Pieters, Jon Cozart and Dodie Clarke were among the names.

So much took place over the weekend including gaming tournaments, meet and greets, musical performances and so much more! On both days, the main stage events were kicked off by gaming tournaments. Saturday included a Smash Bros one and Sunday was kicked off with a Mario Kart one, both attracting a big crowd full of people cheering on the competitors.

Across the weekend on the main stage, people such as Ricky Dillon, Hannah Witton, Mikey Murphy, Luke Korns and Luke Cutforth took part in different panels and interviews. There were also musical performances from Dodie Clarke, Emma Blackery, Bethan Leadley, Bars and Melody, The Midnight Beast and more. Guests in attendance on Saturday night also had a big surprise when Connor Ball and Tristan Evans from The Vamps made an appearance on stage!

As well as the main stage, there were different panel rooms across the weekend. Each day had eighteen panels across three rooms. These included; mental health, musicians on YouTube, the importance of coming out online, LGBTQ+, screening sessions, rising stars of YouTube and many more. Lots of guests over the weekend took part in different panels, expressing opinions and tips to the attending guests.

Around the main floor, there were also different stands, an acoustic stage and fairground rides. All of which were very popular with guests if they were at main stage or in a meet and greet.

All in all, Summer In The City has proven why it’s so popular every year and it will continue to grow.

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Written by CelebMix