Summer in the City Madness!

This weekend (15th and 16th) an event called Summer in the City was held at the London ExCel.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Summer in the City is a youtuber event held every August, thousands of people attend from all over the country and even some from different countries! The weekend is packed full of panels, meet and greets, shows and just a lot of fun!

I attended Summer in The City for the first time the past couple of days, I had my doubts but it was an amazingly organised event, I got to meet so many friends, so many youtubers and did absolutely everything! I had fun but I must point out the security guards were rude and rushed you for certain people as always.

If you’re thinking about attending next year the tickets are around £40 for a weekend, a day ticket is £25. It is definitely worth the money.

The event was madness, they also had rides this year so you were constantly hearing screaming and shouting!

Summer in the City Madness! 2


Here we have a huge crowd of people celebrating the youtube awards show! And not even everyone at the event was there!

It was, for sure, the best weekend ever and if you’re into youtubers or just meeting new people and having fun you should definitely attend.

Written by CelebMix