SUPERFRUIT’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi chose to take on a new adventure together back in August 2013 when they started their very own YouTube channel, SUPERFRUIT. Since then, the channel has seen a number of successes; including their medley video of tracks from Beyonce’s fifth album being recognised by the pop queen herself and a continuously increasing subscriber count (which is now at 1.8 million). But the year 2015 saw them continuing to upload excellent, effortlessly humorous and well-edited videos of what Scott jokingly refers to as “the best show on the Internet”. He’s not wrong there, however, as you may see for yourself as we have put together a countdown of the duo’s top ten videos of 2015.


For those regular viewers and PTX fans, you’re probably well aware of the flirty banter shared between best friends Scott and Mitch, and how they are practically inseparable since forming their friendship back when they were eight years old. Therefore, it’s no surprise that coming in as tenth most popular video for SUPERFRUIT in 2015 is a video that has a title that would get any Scömìche fan clicking on it as fast as possible. Since being shared on 18th August, the video posted as ‘Seeing Each Other Naked’ – in which the vloggers provide both serious and jokey answers to Twitter followers’ questions (including admitting that they have skinny-dipped together) – has had 1,172,460 views, been liked 45,852 times and has only had 305 individuals click the dislike button.


The ninth popular video for SUPERFRUIT’s 2015 uploads is a collab with YouTube favourite Hannah Hart (known for her punny My Drunk Kitchen videos). In this video that was posted 7th July 2015, the trio sucks on helium filled balloons and in their high-pitched squeaky voices sing songs that their Twitter following selected for them; including tracks by Tori Kelly, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Scott’s helium-induced version of Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone has the added bonus of him saying that through inhaling it before a show, it would allow him to take over Mitch’s usually high registered parts during a Pentatonix performance.

The hilarious upload has earned 1,407,588 views and 55,633 likes, with only a handful of dislikes (174 to be precise). Also worth a watch is the video Hannah posted to her own channel of the three of them making up lyrics to unusual tunes.

(Let us get a little #Adult for a second, however, because as they themselves point out, we do not recommend that you try inhaling helium as it’s not the healthiest of hobbies).

8. CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY (feat. Maisie Williams)

Game of Thrones and now Doctor Who star Maisie Williams, who is a new vlogger to YouTube herself, has been known to be a loyal and major SUPERFRUIT fan over the years (we’re the same, Maisie). She was lucky (unlike us *weeps*) in May 2014 to feature in one of their videos and did so again in January 2015. In a video were the trio play a game of Cards Against Humanity – a party game which can usually get a little risqué or rude – and which Scott literally questions whether they should be playing it on camera at one stage – we see a blushing and giggly Maisie as she realises just how R-rated the game can get. The near 10-minute long upload has had 1,605,024 views and 49,035 likes despite being quite mature, making it the eighth most popular video for the pair in 2015. Though, we would advise that if you’re easily offended, not to watch this one.

7. WE DID DRAG! (feat. Willam Belli)

RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and singer-songwriter, Willam Belli is known for saying off-hand things and releasing songs with hilarious lyrics. When SUPERFRUIT teamed up with Willam to do a collab on 26th May, the famous reality star and drag queen used plenty of contouring and supplied wigs to transform Scott and Mitch into “Deb and Lulu”. Bringing in 1,961,857 views and 62,675 likes (and a few 593 dislikes too) makes it the seventh most popular upload for the duo in 2015.


It is no secret that Todrick Hall is an incredibly hard-worker and as the SUPERFRUIT pair touch upon in their sixth most viewed video of 2015 (earning 2,068,498 views since its release on 23rd June), being able to produce a parody about their acapella group Pentatonix must have taken quite a lot of time, creativity and effort for Todrick. The fact Scott and Mitch went on to acknowledge their friend’s work, dedicating an entire video to such despite it technically mocking them, just shows how determined they are to support one another. Plus, seeing their reactions to being shaded first-hand are funny and it appears 60,198 individuals think the same since they hit the like button.


The first ‘Hip-Hop Goes Broadway’ video that the duetting guys uploaded went down a treat, so it’s a no-brainer that they opted to release a follow-up four months later. In the video shared with us on 13th October, the boys of SUPERFRUIT use their usual black curtain background look which is often employed for their more musical content. Opening with an amusing stage version of Silentó’s Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) – complete with dance moves – and moving through songs like Kendrick Lamar’s B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe in the style of a Phantom of the Opera number and also Big Sean, Drake and Kanye’s Blessings as you’d expect it to sound in Wicked the musical, this video has been watched 2,355,371 times and liked by 109,101 viewers.


Following in the footsteps of Tyler Oakley who had previously reacted to The Fine Bros’ video of teens reacting to him, on 3rd March, SUPERFRUIT reacted to teens’ reacting to their Grammy Award-winning group, Pentatonix. The 3,052,754 viewers got to witness the pair seeing the video for the first time, getting to experience the genuine amazement and gratitude the two express on watching people’s responses to, excitement for and criticisms about their careers. It is a heart-warming video, being able to see how thankful and astonished the humble singers are, and with 86,494 likes (and around 501 dislikes), this is the fourth popular upload for the channel in 2015.

3. POP GOES BROADWAY (feat. Shoshana Bean)

For the video that is third most popular for the SUPERFRUIT guys in 2015 with 3,748,386 views and 121,874 likes (though sadly 516 dislikes also), Scott takes on the role of a male eyeing up two people at the same time; flirting and serenading Mitch’s character with a stage-version of Taylor Swift’s chart hit Blank Space before Broadway actress Shoshana Bean enters as the envious love interest who has been cheated on, belting out Jealous by Nick Jonas only to be followed by Mitch’s character as they realise they’re better off alone – amazing us with a Broadway arrangement of Ariana Grande’s Break Free.

Honestly, if you haven’t already experienced the vocal God that is Mitch Grassi, then this video, that was released on 20th January, is a prime opportunity for you to do such. Whilst sporting a long blonde wig (we’re still not really sure why but it works), Mitch keeps heading higher and higher up the vocal register, gracing our ears with powerful top notes alongside the electrifying range of musical star Shoshana.


In 2014, SUPERFRUIT’s Beyonce medley went viral and has currently gained 11 million views (and counting). Well, 2015 saw the singers take on another talented artist’s song (which just so happens to originally feature Queen Bey). Since it was posted on 24th February, Scott and Mitch’s version of Nicki Minaj’s Feeling Myself has acquired 4,925,200 views and 145,314 likes (unfortunately 2,028 dislikes). With Mitch’s rapping, Scott’s “too cool for you” vocals and the double act’s complementing harmonies, it’s no wonder this video has been so popular!


Obtaining the highest view count of the videos posted throughout 2015 is the pair’s Broadway twist on hip-hop classics. With 4,962,751 views and 165,251 likes (and only 728 people mistakenly clicking the thumbs down option), the video that went live on 2nd June 2015 is just under four minutes long and yet has been a viewer favourite during 2015. Evidently, the two guys recognised viewers’ admiration for turning chart songs in Broadway pieces following their ‘Pop Goes Broadway’ post and stepped up their game.

Amongst many hip-hop tunes, SUPERFRUIT’s best video of 2015 features a chromatic and slow rendition of Jamie Foxx’s usually chill and upbeat Blame It, possibly the most beautiful (yet sadly too short) version of Nicki Minaj’s Pills N Potions we have ever heard at 1m 34s and is followed by the funniest take on Big Sean’s I Don’t F*** With You around 1m 48s.

Ending with hysterical bloopers (which is the common feature for the YouTube sensations), it is probably because the video not only demonstrates their musical talents but how charming and funny they are (particularly those facial expressions during it) that this is their most popular video of 2015. We, ourselves, have watched it repeatedly since its release and can assure you, will continue to add to the view count in the future.

It is very likely that SUPERFRUIT will share with us some amazing and hilarious videos this 2016. And we highly recommend that you add them to your subscriber box whenever you can.

Have you had an influence on how popular this channel has become over the last year or have you only recently heard of them? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @CelebMix

(All statistics included regarding view counts, likes and dislikes are true to that stated on YouTube between 8-9pm on 03/01/2016)

Written by CelebMix