SDCC 2017: Supergirl Season 3 Trailer Released

The season two finale of Supergirl left us all feeling a little heartbroken over the sacrifice that Supergirl was forced to make to save her city, but at the same time losing her soul mate. Doing the selfless thing of choosing everyone else over herself just really shows the type of hero that Supergirl is.

The trailer starts with Supergirl narrating, mentioning the choice she made but also how she isn’t human. There’s one quote out of the narration that really sticks out, ‘Kara Danvers was a mistake’. Kara Danvers being Supergirl’s human identity and her calling it a mistake can’t be a good thing. How that’s going to effect the season is something we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Besides the narration, the trailer consists of various dangerous situations that not only Supergirl will be faced with, but her friends too, all of which could easily result in extreme injuries. But we guess that’s just a day in the life of Supergirl and the D.E.O.

To see Supergirl and how the season will unfold, you can watch the season premiere on The CW on October 9th. You can also watch the trailer for yourself below.


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Written by CelebMix