Dress Like a Superhero This Prom Season with Marvel & DC-Inspired FUNSuits

As the end of the school year approaches, high school students are in search of the perfect outfit for prom. It is normal for dates to plan their outfits together, so they can match their suits, dresses, ties, brooches, and other accessories by color. Although coordinating attire with their date can be fun, it has become much too common to do it by color. CelebMix is happy to say that we found a website called “FUNSuits,” which takes prom attire to the next level.

What is FUNSuits?

From Fun.com, FUNSuits is a line of suits that features subtle comic book designs from Marvel and DC comics. There are different options people can purchase, one being the “secret idenity,” which features stylish suits with the comic book designs on the inside of the coat and on the suit’s accessories, such as the necktie and pocket square. The “secret idenity” suits are perfect for anyone wanting to rock a unique design, while still maintaining the traditional suit look. These subtle designs are great for formal events or general business attire.


However, for anyone who wants to go all out this prom season, the “alter ego” look would be perfect. This option is more over-the-top because the suits are made to resemble superhero uniforms. Examples would be suits that look like the uniforms of Iron Man and Superman. There is also the “authentic” suits that are made to look just like The Riddler and The Joker.

Are there any discounts?

FUNSuits is offering a few promotions with their latest “secret identity” collection. Every design is 15% off through the end of April and they are giving 10 away in their latest prom sweepstakes.

Are there any designs made for women?

As of now, there isn’t, but don’t worry! FUNSuits is set to launch a new collection later this year that will include suits and dresses made especially for women.

What else should I know about FUNSuits?

The site offers clothing not only for adults, but also for children! So if you have a younger sibling who loves superheroes, we’re sure they would love to wear a FUNSuit to any formal occasion.

To find out more information, visit the FUNSuits official website. If you’re thinking about purchasing a one for prom, let us know by tweeting us at @CelebMix with the hashtag #FUNSUITS.

Written by Michele Mendez

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